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About the NJARV

The New Jersey Association of Real Vampires'(or NJARV for short) website was
established in 1998. The NJARV is a non-profit organization and is not
affilited with any other group, store, orgainziation, etc. This website is not
intended to recuit others for our organziation. Instead, the members of the
NJARV use this website to share our knowledge with others. Our main goal of this
website is to help out real vampires and those interested in them. Outside of
cyberspace we are a private organization, not a cult, sect, or anything like that.
This is not a popularity contest and we will not be forcing our views on anyone.
We even support people, places, and organizations that we aren't very fond
of but others in the vampire community are. However, you will not find
anything here on Vampires RPGs and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are
plenty of other websites that deal with these topics.

We exist to support you, so suggestions and comments
are always welcome. Send us some email: and sign
our guestbook to let us know how we're doing. We hope that you enjoy
your visit.

Your Webmaster,