Well, here's a pic that my good friend Tony(aka Jeri on FluffMuck) drew for me..it's of his char just giving nice scritiches ta my char :) He's a good artist giving the yrs of experience he had, & I hope that me & him r friends for a very long time. Thanx for the pic Jeri :o)

This pic Jeri drew for me as a late b-day pic..my b-day was in Jan..I haven't had time ta link it up 'till now. I think it's so cute, & shows my char as a kitten trying ta have cake. Thanx for the pic Jeri, & here it is finally linked ^^

This pic is a phat ass pic that my good friend Horrid drew of my char. She's an excellent artist as u can c, & I think that she would b great as a Disney animator or something. Anyway, thanx for the pic Horrid dear..*nuzzles*