*gasp* Could it be? One of my actual original drawings on here? Yep, my fam got a new puter, w/a new scanner, & now I can scan my drawings :) This one is from the furnation logo(www.furnation.com) that I copied from, & it's my fav drawing so far. Took me an hr & 1/2 ta draw & color it too

& this one is my 1st drawing of copying a pokemon, in this case, Mew. I drew it, 'cause it's so cute :o)

This pic I actually drew of Gene, & if ur wondering how I got the white there, I used white out (clever me :P )

This one I drew for a certain Nekkie foxie on Fluff. Used Tails from Sonic as a reference, then found out that Nekkie's all black. Bleh, I like it anyway ;)

It's GIR! Did this as a sketch while waiting for Matt ta come online, & fixed it up in ps 7

Drew this for a Giso kitty from Fluff, & she liked it. Fixed it up in ps 7 as well.