Well, since everyfur & his mother iz drawing the legendary & great Gene Catlow, I thought I would do it in my own special way..by coloring 1 of his pics :) This is a pic of him hugging his friend, 'cause he gave Gene a kyoote Gene Catlow plushie! (I want 1 ta add ta my plushie collection hehe) Hope u like this Gene..ur a great artist :o)

I had this image up on my site for a long time, but didn't upload it 'cause I've been to busy..well, now here it is. This is a pic that I did for 1 of my friends on FurryMuck, & he loved it. Hope all of u like it too

Well, Jeri showed me this pic all black & white, so I thought that I would color it for him, & he liked it. Didn't put a background in though, 'cause I dunno how to

Here's the 1st of 5 pics that I colored for my friend Mark in ps 7. I think they all came out good myself. The drawings are (c)Mark, the colorings in ps 7 are (c) lil' ol' me. You can see the oringal version Here

The 2nd of 5 pics. The orginal version

The 3rd of 5 pics. The orginal version

The 4th pic. The orginal version

The 5th & final pic. Sorry if some of u dun like nudes, but that's the way Mark drew it. The orginal version

Well, I found the colored version of the 'scritchies' pic, but it was all old, so I thought that I would re color it in ps 7, & here's the result. The winged wolf giving scritches is (c) Jeri, & the nice winged kitty recieving 'um is (c) moi :)