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Native Chat at Talk City

Native American IRC Chat Location

To join us in a Native American chat. You need a IRC program to get there. Below is the IRC Server for the room and the schedules. At the bottom is a IRC Program for WebTV Users to link to.


        PORT: 7000
        Channel#: nativechat

FOR WEBTV USERS...just goto Chat on yoru webtv to get into Talkcity. Use the server.


We will run mornings 9am-11am ET. Then at night 9pm-12pm. Weekends will be thruout the day if requested. Main chat is 6pm and 8pm ET on weekends wil lstay open late.

We are in need of hosts. You need a P.C. to host at this time. I will be workign on getting a bot for WebTV hosts that apply. This is a volunteer job,but you need to be serious. Native American Knowledge is helpful. We also need guests that can speak on topics. Email me to volunteer and train. Or to be a guest on a topic.