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ScoutLink IRC

Does your Scout or Guide troop enjoy computers, talking to friends their age, or learning about other cultures?  Do you want to have fun with people from across the world?

ScoutLink IRC chat is sponsoring 5 events to encourage Scouts and Guides (ages 10-18, although older and younger are welcome) from all over the world to interact!  Internet relay chat, commonly known as IRC is a way of "talking" to people world wide by means of typing, with responses occurring in real time.   We will begin with a traditional campfire done a non-traditional way, then move on to a Scout and Guide history quiz (how much do YOU know?), and some discussions on contemporary issues such as dating, drinking, and school.  Each event will take place at 5 pmGMT/12 noon EST on the third Saturday of each month, and should last about two hours.  Troops and Individuals are both encouraged to attend. Come to one or all of the events as they fit your schedule.  The events will be moderated and safe for all ages.


If you have questions regarding IRC, how to access it, or what ScoutLink is, please read our WebPages . If IRC is new to you, keep reading - explanations are included below.   You may also email us for more information at: 

 That's what we have prepared for you:

****************Calendar of Events*******************

Online Campfire (kick-off) Feb 19

Scout History Trivia Quiz Mar 18

Morse code Fun Apr 15

Role Playing (current topics) May 20

Online Campfire (conclusion) Jun 17

In order to use IRC you need to either use your web browser or a dedicated IRC client.  You can use ScoutLink IRC through a web browser by going to .  In order to use a dedicated client, you need to download a client.  There is a list of these located at .

The Web Browser version is very easy to follow.  You just follow the on screen instructions, entering your nickname, and then clicking connect.

You automatically enter the room, so just start typing and enjoy! Connecting via a client is a little more difficult.  To do this you need to connect to a server.  A list of the ScoutLink servers is available on the ScoutLink Web Site under "IRC Servers.  The Web Site is at  In order to set up the server consult theonline help with that client, as all clients are set up slightly differently. Once connected to the server all you need to do then is type /join #youth, and your ready to chat!


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