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Lou Rallo now hosts this urban vocal group program Thursday nights at 7pm, (8pm from September to November)on WRSU 88.7 fm, Rutgers University's radio station.The signal reaches from Princeton to Staten Island, Union County to Middletown and Sandy Hook. And live streaming on the internet at

This radio show has been heard for more than 20 years on WRSU, making it possibly the longest running program of its type: vocal group harmony -- Exclusively! On May 24,2001 celebrated it's twentieth anniversary with a three hour program. As usual you will hear "Rhythm and blues, rock 'n roll, sometimes gospel and sometimes soul". It's both educational an entertaining.

The central focus of the music and main body of the show is lesser known 1950's and early '60s vocal groups. You'll also hear new material in the genre. But also featured and documented are the roots of this harmony from the 30's & 40's such as; the Charioteers, Delta Rhythm Boys, Mills Brothers, Golden Gate Quartet, Ink Spots and others, both secular and gospel. And occasionally you'll hear sweet soul harmony groups whose sound is inspired by the artistry of the fifties.

Lou has program guests from time to time. Music historians and researchers Donn Fileti and Charlie Horner made recent appearances. Ronnie Italiano of UGHA and noted collector Erik Ashton also stopped by. Bill Olb, Rich Reinhart, Dan Romanello, Paul Ressler, Marv Goldberg, Ken Thompson, John Broven,Bob Hannas,Andy Rosetta, Nicky Addeo,....and Mr.Popeye have also recently contributed their knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, their music. John Clemente author of the new book "Girl Groups That Rocked The world" played some nice girl group records and discussed this new book. You will hear reviews of other books and new CD's. As a public service,the Big Beat bulletin board feature tells you what's happening around the area (and around the world). Meetings, shows,concerts, etc. *****A NEW FEATURE on the show is that on the last Thursday of each month, you'll hear music directly from 78 rpm records(!!!)in the studio. 78's ENDED production in the late fifties and have a "fuller" sound than 45's or 33's. Expect some rarities!And some great old surface noise!***** Future planned shows include an all doowopp show and an all forties and early '50s show, An Itzy label CD's show, all acapella show, interviews with Arthur Crier in April, Lewis Lymon in May. Guest collectors lined up include Tony O, Eric Ashton, Paul Ressler. And best of all WRSU is now online!!! So you can hear the show directly wherever you are in the world. Go to and check it out. THE INTERNET SERVER SEEMS TO BE OUT OF SERVICE TEMPORARILY BUT KEEP TRYING, IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY! ******But here's some great news****** The Big Beat Show is now being archived for two weeks at so you can listen clearly any time!! E-mail Lou Rallo at with questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

TO CONTACT THE PROGRAM: questions, comments, suggestions, --- e-mail Lou @ or:


BOX 203



(United In Group Harmony Association)

Web Sites of Vintage Interest Include:


"The Ink Spots Web Page" for the Mills Brothers Society's web page

also check out