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Name of Song Author
Lon Lon Rhythym Belgarath
Echoing Forest Belgarath
Underwater Serenade Belgarath
Chinese Bolero Belgarath
Zelda's Lullaby Remix Belgarath
Temple of Time Choir Belgarath

The Legend of Zelda
The Magic Recorder (midi)

Overworld (midi)

Castle (midi)

Level 9 Castle (midi)

Main Theme (midi)

Triforce (midi)

Zelda 2: Adventures of Link

Town Music (midi)

Title Theme (midi)

Last Castle (midi)

Houses (midi)

Castle (midi)

Caves (midi)

Overworld (midi)

Zelda 3: A Link to the Past

Main Theme (midi)

Second Theme (midi)

Light World Overworld (midi)

Dark World Overworld (midi)

Storm (midi)

Dark World Castle (midi)

Light World Castle (midi)

Caves (midi)

Lost Woods (midi)

Hyrule Castle (midi)

Triforce (midi)

Credits (midi)

Ending (midi)

Sanctuary (midi)

Unknown Music (midi)

Ganon Battle (midi)

Zelda 4: Link's Awakening

Zelda DX Color Dungeon Music (midi)

Player Selection Music (midi)

Tal Tal Heights (midi)

Boat Music (midi)

Mysterious Woods (midi)

Animal Village (midi)

Windfish Egg (midi)

Mabe Village (midi)

Farie Fountain (midi)

Mr. Write (midi)

Tail Cave (midi)

Key Cavern (midi)

Southern Face Shrine (midi)

Overworld (midi)

Ukuku Prarie (midi)

Richard Villa (midi)

House by the Bay (midi)

Frog Song of Soul (midi)

Zelda 5: Ocarina of Time

Music that was suppose to be the Main Theme (midi)

Lost Woods (midi)

Zelda's Theme (midi)

Gerudo Valley (midi)

Kokiri Forest (midi)

Shops (midi)

Kakariko Village (midi)

Main Theme (midi)

Ganondorf Playing the Organ (midi)

Houses (midi)

Inside the Windmill (midi)

Zora's Domain (midi) NEW!!!

The Master Sword (midi) NEW!!!

Temple of Time (midi)

Song of Storms (midi)

Serenade of Water (midi)

Nocturne of Shadow (midi)

Requeim of Spirit (midi)

Minuet of Forest (midi)

Bolero of Fire (midi)

The Market (midi)

Lakeside Laboratory (midi)

Goron City (midi)

Mini Game (midi)

Sheik Theme (midi)

Kakariko Christmas (midi)

Ending Theme (midi)

Saria Remix (midi)

Zelda Mixes

Zelda Mix 1 (midi)

Zelda Mix 2 (midi)

Cartoon Remix (midi)