Letter to UN Committee Against Torture March 30, 1998

This letter was sent via Registered Mail at a cost of $15.75. Its return receipt (Number R791117257) confirms that it reached the UN in Geneva on April 3, 1998. Like all previous communications sent to the UN in Geneva or New York, it has prompted no response.

76 Market St. Apt. D5
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
30 March, 1998

Committee Against Torture
c/o Center for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
8-14 Avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Re: James Henry Graf vs. Denmark and The Netherlands,
submitted originally 31 October, 1991.

Dear Committee Against Torture:

In a circumstance so dire as to undermine the rule of law itself and jeopardize civilization's very continuance, one must bear constant witness and exert unflagging effort. Though my 1996 and 1997 reassertions of this valid complaint prompted no acknowledgment, judgment of admissibility, or action, though no communication directed to your Center in New York or in Geneva has yielded any information or cooperation, I must try again to breach the Iron Curtain of interference that has, all these years, precluded justice.

The past year has seen no cooperation from the Danish Government. My letter of 14 May, 1997 to Mr. Kim Kristiansen, like that of 31 December, 1996 to Mr. Jorn Andersen, has gone unanswered. Denmark will not address the issues raised in my six-and-one-half-year-old complaint before your Committee, and will provide no domestic remedy.

The Dutch Government, I am sad to report, appears to have interfered deliberately in my attempt to secure effective advocacy. Dutch immigration authorities appear as well to have intercepted my letters to the Minister of Justice, preventing consideration of my criminal complaints.The enclosed correspondence indicates the futility of these efforts. The Netherlands will not provide a domestic remedy.

In the country of my birth, now the country of my captivity, there is no possibility of obtaining the equal protection of the laws or securing effective advocacy. I have attached materials indicative of the frustration I encounter here. My personal circumstance remains one of acute distress. Though not starving or homeless in America (my suicide attempt of 3 November, 1993 permitted me to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits on the basis of depression), though not confined to a prison cell (no state or nation has ever charged me with a crime), I am, nevertheless, a Prisoner of Conscience in my own country. Malicious psychiatric assessments worthy of the KGB, as well as other attacks upon my honor and reputation, have reduced me to the status of a non-person. No government official or major non-governmental organization will respond now to my letters. No attorney or legal clinic will represent me.

In addition to the ongoing electromagnetic mental torture ("Marlin Fitzwater's private purgatories") and attack with electromagnetic "biological process control" weapons, I am subjected to obscene violation of my privacy, constant stalking and surveillance, interference with my correspondence, frequent break-ins of my apartment, petty thefts, tampering and electromagnetic interference with my computer and audio equipment, probable contamination of foodstuffs with bio-chemical warfare agents, and denial of appropriate medical care. Like a recaptured slave in the 1800s, I am "hobbled." Illness, pain, and galling limitation are imposed upon me, with no available remedy, in order to degrade and humiliate me and restrict me in the free exercise of my rights. My life is in danger and full of pain and misery. My liberty is severely restricted. Pursuit of happiness, the third inalienable right cited by Thomas Jefferson, is a forgotten dream, a cosmic joke.

In an interview published in the September, 1997 issue of Human Rights Tribune, Professor Peter Burns of your Committee noted your heavy reliance on NGOs for information on a state's performance. I regret to inform you that in my case, and probably those of many others, these organizations have flatly refused to deal with the issue of "biological process control" weapons as torture devices. Especially inflexible in this regard is Amnesty International, as indicated by the attached correspondence. In treachery or in trepidation, however, Human Rights Watch, The American Civil Liberties Union, The Center for Constitutional Rights, and others have likewise demonstrated by evasion or callous rejection that they simply do not care how much we suffer. Do you care?

I deserve to go home to Europe with a European passport. I have paid my dues. I have worked and suffered for my rights and those of others, including those children sexually abused in Rijsbergen and elsewhere. I am weary, weak, and sick. It is time to compensate this torture victim for the atrocious treatment he has received. Let my chosen countrymen welcome me home and assure me of their good will and respect. Support my rights and my dignity, tell me that I need never again beg acceptance, never again risk rejection, never again face destitution. Most importantly, let the whole world learn the awful truth for whose sake I have suffered all these years.

Please consider this and all my previous communications regarding this complaint. Please acknowledge. Please act without further delay. If you lack any previous communications, I can supply them.

All correspondence may be sent to me personally at this address:

James H. Graf
76 Market Street, Apt. D5
Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861-4445
United States of America
Telephone 732-324-7467

Yours truly,
(0riginal signed)
James H. Graf

List of Attachments

Re: United Nations (no acknowledgment or action)

Human Rights Emergency bulletin.

Summary of Contacts With United Nations.

Letters dated 9 September, 1997 and 8 December, 1997 to UN Center for Human Rights in New York (no response ever received).

Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights dated 25 August, 1997 (no response ever received).

Text of Resolution on the Asylum Policy of Certain Member States by the European Parliament, dated 19 June, 1987.

Re: Denmark

Letter dated 31 December, 1996 to Mr. Jorn Andersen at Royal Danish Embassy (no response ever received).

Letter dated 14 May, 1997 to Mr. Kim Kristiansen at Danish Consulate General in New York (no response ever received).

Re: Netherlands and Belgium

Letters dated 28 April, 1997 and 3 June, 1997 to Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, with response of doubtful authorship dated 9 June, 1997.

Letter to Ms. Judith Coelewij-Kolk of Dutch Immigration Service dated 23 June, 1997 (no response ever received).

Letter dated 5 August, 1997 to Royal Netherlands Embassy (no response ever received).

Letters dated 20 August, 1997 and 22 August, 1997 to Ms. Annalies Bosch at Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (no response ever received).

Letter dated 14 November, 1997 to Dutch Minister of Justice, with response dated 10 December, 1997 from J.W. de Gee, Esq. of Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Letter dated 16 December, 1997 to Dutch Minister of Justice (no response ever received).

Materials obtained under US Privacy Act from American Embassy in Brussels (three documents dated 30 May, 1993, 7 July, 1993, and 9 July, 1993, respectively, with cover letters dated 2 December, 1997 from Lynn C. Dubose and F. Smith of the US Department of State). These demonstrate disinformation and psychiatric discreditation. They also clearly and correctly indicate that I had no knowing contact with US Embassy officials in the Netherlands.

My letter dated 5 December, 1997 to the US Department of State, indicating inaccuracies and irrelevancies in the above, providing clarification and requesting amendment of personal information. This request is currently being processed.

Re: Current circumstance in USA

Letter dated 12 August, 1997 to Senator Robert Torricelli (no response ever received).

Letter dated 23 June, 1997 to US Attorney General Janet Reno (no response ever received).

Letter dated 9 September, 1997 to Mr. John Shattuck at US State Department, with distribution history of previous letter (no response ever received).

"The End of Patriotism," an unpublished article by James Henry Graf.

Re: Amnesty International

Letter to me dated 8 October, 1996 from Mr. Diederik de Bruijn of Amnesty International in Amsterdam.

My letter to Mr. de Bruijn dated 22 October, 1996.

Letter dated 3 December, 1997 to Amnesty International in London (no response ever received).

Mr. Harlan Girard's letter dated 17 December, 1996 to Mr. Diederik de Bruijn, with Mr. de Bruijn's response dated 30 December, 1996.

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