Letter to UN Centre For Human Rights in Geneva November 6, 1992

This letter was written and mailed in the Netherlands. The images below are are scanned carbon copies of the original document. The formatted text appears below the scans.

The UN has never acknowledged it or taken any action.

Nr. 163502
A.Z.C. Bethanië
Ettenseweg 97
4891 S.X. Rijsbergen
The Netherlands
6 November, 1992

Center for Human Rights
9-14 Avenue De la Paix
1211 Geneva 10


I am the author of two communications, one directed to the Committee Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and dated 31 October, 1991, and the other addressed to the Human Rights Committee, dated 4 November, 1991.

Possibly in retaliation for my submission of these complaints, the Danish Government forcibly repatriated me to the United States on 19 December, 1991. In the United States, I was subjected to the same malicious government-sponsored repression, the same denial of the equal protection of American law, the same electronic mental torture, medical and scientific experimentation, and other cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment that had prompted me to flee my native land in August, 1991. No effective remedy was available to me.

>So pervasive has been the influence exerted by my government and its agents, so obscenely intrusive were its actions, that I was held in virtual incommunicado isolation in my own country. I have written to your Center three times since December, and once via Certified Mail to the New York Center. It appears that all these attempts encountered interference by United States authorities.

I escaped again from the United States on 18 October, 1992, landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in the early morning hours of 19 October. Not only did I experience vicious intensification of the electronic mental torture inflicted upon me since 1987 by American agents, I was subjected as well, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, to various acts of harassment and implied threats. The most important of these was the theft, on 22 October, of a briefcase containing, among other items, all the materials pertaining to my stay in Denmark, all the materials pertaining to my aforementioned U.N. communications, and an assortment of documents that I intended to submit to the Dutch Government in support of my asylum application (please refer to the attached report from the Amsterdam Police). I thus face the prospect of an interview on Monday, 9 November before the Dutch Ministry of Justice, utterly bereft of almost all my documentation. This is no coincidence. I am certain that, as so often in the past, an attempt will be made to impugn my sanity.

I must report with sadness and shame that, even in this beautiful Dutch refugee camp, with its kind, gracious, and respectful staff, I have had to cope with the very same mental torture inflicted upon me elsewhere, and with the apparent interference of undercover American agents. The Dutch Government has made no assurance that my complaint of torture will be processed and investigated, and that an effective remedy will be provided.

The only effective remedy, I maintain, is public exposure of these crimes against humanity. I regret to report that Amnesty International and Helsinki Watch have once again turned their backs on me. Please help me. Apart from my own personal suffering, the future of humanity may well depend on public knowledge of -- and public discussion regarding -- the technology that has made a mockery of such concepts as privacy and dignity. Please let the truth be known.

Yours truly,
(original signed)
James H. Graf

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