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Come with me

Aqui você vai aprender a conhecer seus sentimentos


Being Happy

Being happy,
Was being with you.
Always making me smile,
Never letting me down.

Being happy,
Was loving you.
Having your love,
Holding you in my arms.

Being happy,
Was being together.
Our love would be forever.

Being happy,
"Was" when you loved me,
"Was" when I lived in that fantasy.

Why I love you

You are a good friend
That's why I love you
You can listen and understand
That's why I love you
You are intelligent and funny
That's why I love you
You are sensible and romantic
That's why I love you
And I love you for one more thing
It's for what you are
And not for what you give to me
Cause what you are is my love
And that's why I love you ....


What is a friend?

What is a friend that is true,
Are they there in the blues?
They would never turn on you
If your friends are just cool,
You should know your the fool.
Sad or mad,
A true friend would be there.
If your in trouble,
Good friends are there on the double.
Do you know how you feel?
Do you try to make the hurt heal?
If your friends are so great,
You should have no hate.
Good friends are really rare,
So you should know real friends care.


I used to think that I was alone
Alone in a world
Where pain and suffering
Were no stranger at all
I tried to carry it
All the loneliness that I had inside
I hid from everyone trying to escape
But I could not
And then I realized
As I was walking
That I wasn't alone
And someone cared for me
That was you
You were there all along
All this time you had been with me
Never leaving my side
You were there with me
Standing beside me
Through thick and thin
Through all the agony
When I fell
You picked me up
When I almost gave up
You gave me hope
How could've I been so blind
So as not to see you
But now I know
That I am not alone after all

I have a friend so precious,
so very dear to me.
He loves me with tender love,
His love so faithfully.
I could not live apart from him,
I love to feel in nigh.
And now we dwell together,
My Lord and I.