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Jayne Letters

This letter was taken from an original fan club newsletter created for Jayne in the 50's and 60's. Jayne sent this letter to her fans. This letter is exclusive to this fan page and may not be copied for any other use.

Dear Fans:

Well, it has been a very exciting and busy year with lots more in sight to do before December 31st.

This summer Mickey and I had a marvelous time at the Berlin Film Festival. The people of West Berlin were absolutely wonderful to us and I was thrilled to find that I had so many fans there. After the festival we made a trip behind the Iron Curtain to Budapest, Hungary to visit Mickey's family. It was a great reunion for them. Mickey had not seen his parents since coming to the United States in 1947 and for me it was my first visit there. Naturally I was somewhat worried if the Hungarian Officials would let Mickey return to the United States because they do not recognize United States citizenship of a Hungarian born person. However all turned out marvelously and I was amazed that the average Hungarian knew me and we were mobbed for pictures and autographs. It made me feel that the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe have certainly done a tremendous job in getting to the people behind the Iron Curtain.

I starred in "The George Raft Story" after my return to the United States. My co-star was Ray Danton and it should be a big hit picture. It is due for release in December or January. "It Takes a Thief" was released this summer throughout the United States. This was originally titled "The Challenge". I have had many letters from my fans about this picture as has the studio. I am so grateful to you and the fans for your constant support and especially the letters you write to the studio. The studio officials have asked me time and again how I keep such a warm personal relationship with my fans. To me the answer is that without the fans there are no stars and whatever I am or hope to be in this industry depends in large on my feelings for those that support me and want to see me. And dear ones, thtat would be you. I shall always try to do the things you would want in pictures and your support by writing the 20th Century Fox Studios in Beverly Hills, assures you of getting me the parts that you want to see me do.

"The Loves of Hercules" that Mickey and I made in Italy together is very much involved in legal difficulties over the title and the release date is still very indefinate. At the moment we can only assume that it will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction and eventually released. If I find out more about this I will let you know in the next journal.

"Too Hot to Handle" is now owned by a New York millionaire. Allied Artists Pictures is trying very hard to get the rights on this. I believe they will be sucessful. If so, then you will be seeing it on the screen shortly thereafter.

"It Happened in Athens" is due for release by Fox in December of this year.

We had a wonderful trip recently to Hawaii on the Matsonia Liner. My mother, Mickey, Jr., and Zoltan were with us. Jayne Marie stayed home this trip because of school. While in Honolulu we filmed a "Here's Hollywood" tv show which will be shown at a later date. The people in the Islands treated us grandly and I hope to be able to go back there for a visit again before too long. I may do a movie called "Something's Got to Give" on location in Hawaii. At the present time we are involved in finding a leading man and ironing out all the technical difficulties that go with the production of a movie. Frank Tashlin, who wrote "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter" is writing the screen play and will direct. It is actually a remake of a hit a few years back called "My Favorite Wife". I like the script very much and it should be a great picture.

Little Zoltan was one year old on August 1st and is really beginning to grow now. Mickey, Jr., who will be three on December 21st is quite the little man. He is very sharp and misses nothing. Some of the things he says and the questions he asks keep me on my toes to be ready to answer him. He is at the "Why, mommy?" stage and every mother knows about that.

I will be make a personal appearance in Mansfield, Ohio on October 26th, 27th and 28th. There will probably be more personal appearances in the mid-west and east but at the present time this one is definate. The others are only tentative.

We have two cats, an oscelot, two burros, two goats, and twelve dogs. Candy, our great dane, just became a momma again so we have several great dane puppies in addition to the rest.

I would like to thank all of you that wrote to me about my appearance on Kraft Mystery Theater. Many have asked why my part was not bigger even though I got star billing. The truth is, that I did this short part only as a favor to my studio. This was to have been a pilot film and was never intended to be shown as a special show. The studio has been flooded with mail wanting to know why they didn't see more of me and this is the answer. There are some big things in the planning stage and more of this at a later date. Meanwhile, the Hargitays wish each and every one of you a tremendous Christmas in event we don't see you or have another journal out by that time.

With Loads of Love, Jayne

Original Letter from Jayne Sent to a Fan



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