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Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collector's Society

These are my traders for now:

I will consider most offers for trade

Blue w/Cowboy Hat
Black LP
Blue Nat'l Glenwood
Red & White Reverse Firebird
New Orleans:
98 Mardi Gras Logo with masks
Silver Dobro
10th anniversary Sterling logo
Purple LP
Colorful LP w/ Crown on End
New York:
Blue Nat'l Glenwood
Black LP
Red & White reverse Firebird
Liberty at Microphone
Las Vegas:
King of Clubs
Red Eddie Cochrane
Black Les Paul

Black Les Paul
Red Eddie Cochrane

Dark Haired Surfer
White Les Paul w/lei

Red Les Paul
Black Les Paul
White Vox
Sterling Silver Explorer (out of stock)

Atlantic City:
Red and White Firebird
Blue National Glenwood Guitar
Sterling Silver Explorer(out of stock)
Dice Logo

Orange Les Paul Online Hotel
Hotel Logo Pin-(limited to 400 produced)
Online Elite (purchase required to be Elite member)Christmas Hotel Online Snowflake 1997

You can page me with any questions,..I will email you with an answer as soon as I get the page. It will also tell you immediately if I'm online or not.
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