Howell Elks Lodge # 2515 

Installs Lodge Officers for the 2000-2001 Fraternal Year

On Saturday evening April 1, 2000, Howell Elks Lodge # 2515 installed the Lodge Officers for the 2000-2001 Fraternal Year. 

The following Lodge Officers were installed and will begin the responsibilities for the next Fraternal Year on April 1, 2000. They are: 

                                   Exalted Ruler                              Ken Chittick 
                                   Esteemed Leading Knight            Eugene Pilot 
                                   Esteemed Loyal Knight               Timothy Sexton
                                   Esteemed Lecturing Knight          Paul Zulin 
                                   Secretary                                     Nick Tsoukalis 
                                   Treasurer                                     George Pankewytch 
                                   Esquire                                        Maryann Jankowski 
                                   Chaplain                                      Connie Cantwell 
                                   Inner Guard                                  Robert Lawson 
                                   Tiler                                             Austin McCabe 
                                   5 Year Trustee                             William Gray 

Exalted Ruler Ken Chittick thanked the current Lodge Officers and Past Exalted Rulers for their continued service to Howell Elks Lodge. 

The Lodge Officers were installed by a team of Grand Lodge Officers comprised of Past Exalted Rulers from the NJ Elks Association. The Grand Lodge Officers for the evening were: 

Grand Exalted Ruler  Robert Jani,  PDDGER, PVP, PER 
Grand Est. Leading Knight  Joseph Marmo, PER
Grand Est. Loyal Knight Step Avedision, PGELK, PDDGER, PVP, PDD, PER Nutley #1290
Grand Est. Lecturing Knight  Leonard Tarnowski,   PER Jackson #2744
Grand Secretary  George D. Adams PER
Grand Treasurer John Veprick, PDDGER, PER Pt. Pleasant #1698
Grand Esquire   Ronald Barca, Sr. PER
Grand Chaplain Howard Collins, Jr PDDGER, PER
Grand Inner Guard  Stephan Jankowski PER
Grand Tiler  Ronald Campos PER
Grand Trustee  Sean Parks PER

During the evening, several members were honored for outstanding service to Howell Elks Lodge, with the presentation of the following Grand Lodge Commendations that were presented by immediate Past Exalted Ruler Robert Lutkiewicz. 

Brother Pete Schott was named Elk of the Year, Brother George Phillips was named Officer of the Year and Brother Nick Tsoukalis and member Candy Chittick were presented with a Grand Exalted Rulers Commendation Award for outstanding work on behalf of Howell Elks Lodge and to the Benevolent and protective Order of Elks. 

The members of Howell Elks Lodge # 2515 wish Exalted Ruler Ken Chittick and our Lodge Officers good luck during the upcoming year while exhibiting to our community that "Elks Care......Elks Share". 

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