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Main Page:
I'd really love to find a better picture of Scott and Betty for the main page. Other than that, no updates necessary here right now.

Scott and Betty - The Writer and The Rogue Shrine:
I removed outdated links. Otherwise, there's not much to do here. I left this up because it's really one of a kind, especially since most of the photos can no longer be found online.

The Fanfiction Library:
I'm hoping to completely reorganize and expand the Library eventually. I've come to realize this is the real meat of this site, especially since many WENN fanfic libraries are long gone.

Links Page
The links page got a complete overhaul, with many no longer existing pages dropped.

Character and Episode Pages
I dropped these. Linda Young does both so much better than I do. Hers are really all the guides you need.

WENN Christmas Page
Updated and edited the links.

This page was last updated on April 28th, 2015.

Main Page

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