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Back Together

by Rita Widmer

Disclaimer: The character and ideas of Remember WENN donít belong to me. They belong to Rupert Holmes.

June, 1957

Scott was working at a radio station in Minneapolis, Minnesota. WENN finally closed forever in 1947. Betty and Scott had been married since 1942. Betty became a housewife after the closing and wrote stories in her spare time.

They'd looked for a place to live. Scott heard from a friend that in Minnesota there was a radio station which liked to play old radio shows and music. He was very enthusiastic about the job and got it.

Betty was at home and their three children were at school. The oldest was fourteen, and she was the only one who met the people of WENN. The other two were nine and five years old.

The WENN gang tried to stay in touch but it was hard. Every Christmas they would get cards from everyone.

Scott broke out of his thoughts when the telephone rang. ďHello.Ē

"Mr. Sherwood, your wife is on the phone. She sounds like she is crying," said the receptionist.

"Thanks. Put her through. Hi, darling," said Scott.

"Scott, I just got a phone call," said Betty.

"What is it Betty?"

"Mr. Eldridge died. The funeral is on Friday. Itís in Pittsburgh, and everyone has been called. Gloria Redmond is going to sing, and Jeff is going to read the letter. I was also asked to sing."

"Betty, Iíll arrange to get off of work and get us transportation to Pittsburgh."

"You should get three tickets. Nikki will want to go. My mother can watch Vicki and Shaina."

"Yeah, I will, and why donít you make plans for them to miss school?"

"I canít believe heís dead."

"Neither can I. Can we continue this later? I have lots of work to do."


"See ya." Scott hung up the phone he was ready to cry. Mr. Eldridge was a wonderful man. His boss walked in.

"Mr. Sherwood, is something wrong?" asked Mr. Cornstock.

"I need some days off for a funeral in Pittsburgh," said Scott.

"I think we can arrange it."

"Thanks, sir."


Jeff and Hilary were packing up to go to the funeral. They had moved to L.A, where they got some roles on TV.

Shirley had ran in then, their only child. She just turned seven. "Mommy, why canít I go?"

"You canít miss school, and you donít know anyone who's going to be there," her father admonished.

"All right, Dad," said Shirley, disappointed.

"You got all the tickets, and hotel reservations, and everything?" asked Hilary.



Victor and Maple were packing up. He wanted to live in London and after they were married they had moved there.

"Maple, did you remember to get the flowers?" asked Victor.

"Yes, sir," said Maple, saluting him.

"Letís see. Did you remember...?"

"Yes, yes, yes. I got everything."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. We need to hurry, or weíll miss the plane."


Eugenia and Mr. Foley were talking about how everyone was coming back to Pittsburgh except for C.J, who died in WWII. Even Lester and Celia were coming.

"Everybody is coming. Itís been so long since weíve seen them," said Eugenia.

Mr. Foley shook his head in agreement, and Eugenia continued, "Betty and Scott are even bringing Nikki. They all got rooms in hotels. I have to go to choir rehearsal now. See ya."


Mackie had stayed a bachelor and had gotten some roles in theater and television.

Gertie had gotten a job with a business to answer phones. She had never remarried.

Lester also got another job, and never had settled down. He was the flirty type.

Celia was in Hollywood. She married an actor she met while making "Amorous Airwaves".

Betty and Scott walked into their hotel room. Nikki was staying at an old friendís house. They had decided to make this their 2nd honeymoon after the funeral. "We got a message. A will reading will be at 2:00 and the visitation is at 7:00 PM," said Scott.

"O.k, weíve got plenty of time," said Betty.

Scott looked worriedly at Betty. She seemed not to realize what was going on here. He thought would seem more upset about all of this.

"Iím going to take a shower and get ready," said Betty, ignoring Scottís look.


Everyone was meeting at Mr. Eldridgeís great nephewís house. It was an emotional event for all to see each other again after all these years.

Nikki was happy to see them all, and was raved over by everyone. She had changed a lot since 1947.

Celia was surprised to hear about Scott and Betty getting married. She always thought that Betty loved Victor too much to fall in love with someone else.

"Please, everyone sit down. It's time for the reading of the will," said Harry.

Everyone sat down. "This was not written formaly, so nothing has to be. 'First, I would like to give all my money that is not used for the funeral to go to making a new WENN, but with television..." said Harry, and continued, "Last of all, a farewell to my friends at WENN. To Scott and Betty, the most unlikely couple, I wish to thank you for always being there to listen to me, and spend time with me. Victor, we all took a loss when when we thought you were dead. Iíve always admired you for what you did. Gertie, donít forget to give a few wisecracks to this will. Mackie, tell a joke for us we all need it. To Maple, donít stop being a girl like you. Eugenia, you know what to play. Mr. Foley, listening to you is long, but worthwhile. Hilary Booth, with one l, it was a great challenge knowing you. Jeff Singer, donít let your morals overrun your love. Celia and Lester, you were there only for a short time, but you brought something special to WENN. Nikki, donít forget those times with us. To everyone, thanks for the memories.Ē

"That was so sweet," said Maple.

"He wasnít as absent minded as we thought," said Victor.

"Thatís enough. Mr. Eldridge is not dead. Just stop all of this,Ē said Betty, running out of the room. Scott ran after her and found her at the hotel. She would not say a word.


The funeral home was filling up with family and friends. Scott was afraid for Betty. Seeing Mr. Eldridge laying there could shock her.

Scott was talking with some of the family. Betty wandered up to the pictures. There were pictures there of all them over the years. She really missed those days. They had grown so far apart. Mr. Eldridgeís will could give them a chance to restart.

She headed over to the caskett where Mr. Eldridge lay comfortably. She finally realized he was dead and could not handle the thought. Even if they made a new WENN, someone would be missing.

Betty ran downstairs to be alone and ran right into Victor. "Oh, Victor, he really is dead. Why couldnít we have gotten to see him one more time?" asked Betty, running into his arms for comfort.

"Betty, we couldnít have known. He died a natural death," said Victor, trying to comfort her. They just held on to each other.

Betty looked up to see fear in Victorís eyes. She turned around to see Scott and Maple standing there. "Scott, itís not what you think it is!" exclaimed Betty, running over to him, trying to convince him.

"Maple, lets go," said Scott, and they left.

Scott had decided to go on a long walk. He could not believe what Betty had done. He always knew she had a special place in her heart for Victor, but to run to him when she needed someone...

His mind wondered off to the first time she ever told him that she loved him. He was the happiest person on the earth. He finally had confronted her about his feelings and wanted to know how she felt. Even with Victor back nothing seemed to be happening between her and Victor.

"Betty, I once told you I love you, and I still do, but how do you feel about me?" he asked at the time.

"Scott, Iíve always loved you, but I didnít want to admit it, especially after I found out what you did," Betty had said.

"I love you, too," said Scott, who leaned over and kissed her long and passionately.

They had dated for a couple of months, and he got the courage to ask her to marry him on Valentineís Day. The wedding was on June 1st. That was the happiest day of his life. He loved her so and he loved her more each day.


Betty had gone straight back to the hotel. She had hoped Scott would have been there, but he wasnít. She wanted to cry, and she did. All she did was hug Victor when she needed comfort. They were just friends. He was the first person I saw. p>It had taken her so long to realize that she was in love with Scott. She was never even really that mad at him for forging that letter. If anything she was hurt, and she wanted to get revenge for what he had done.

The first time she realized that she cared for him was when he had told her he loved her with a gun to his head. As time went by, the feeling grew, and she wanted to tell him, but couldnít.

When he had confronted her she knew the answer already. She loved him and loved him more each day.

I have to go find him and explain. She ran down the stairs and right into him. "I love you, Scott. What you saw meant nothing. He was just there when I needed someone," said Betty, out of breath.

"I love you, Betty, and I donít know what I would do without you," said Scott, who hugged her and never intended to let her go.


The next day was the funeral. Betty had sung the opening song, "Amazing Grace". Jeff was about to read the letter, but first he wanted to say something.

"We joked about so many times Mr. Eldridge because we didnít know his real job at WENN was. His job was to make sure we had a smile on our faces and laughter in our hearts. He sometimes tried to make a point but it didnít quite make sense. We will all will miss him dearly. He had always had a kind word in his heart. Now to the letter.

ĎDeath is nothing at all. I have only slipped into the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other we are still. Speak to me in the easy way that you always used, laugh as we have always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Life means all that it ever meant; thereís absolute unbroken continuinity. Why should I be out of mind because Iím out of sight? I am waiting for you somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.'"

Mrs. Redmond sang at the end. Everyone headed to the burial place and then to the nephewís house. Scott wanted to toast a drink. "To Mr. Eldridge, who was the sweet as they came."

The End

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