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A Tale of Thanksgiving, by Dana Sherman - Hilary and Jeff invite the WENN staff to a Thanksgiving party.
The Tea Party, by Rebecca Immich - The WENN women have a tea party one night that Hilary seems reluctant to join.
Thankful for You, by Emma Redmer - Betty encounters Scott after hours at the station the night before Thanksgiving 1941.
There's No Place Like WENN, by Emma Redmer - Sequal to WENN is Where the Heart Is!
A Tinge of Meloncholy, by Ally K. - Scott Sherwood drowns his sorrows with the help of a friendly waitress when Betty turns him down.
Thoughts, by Alice Burton - Hilary's thoughts on Jeff and their marriage at the beginning of the first season.
To Be or Not to Be A Girl Like Maple, by Katie McNamara - Maple decides to tell Congressman Bob about her past.
Twenty-Four Hours, by Dana Sherman - Dana's alternate ending to to the "Happy Homecomings" cliffhanger.

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