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Nebraska Maple Lamentes and the Jungle Tower of Death, by Emma Redmer - Maple imagines herself as a female "Amazon Andy"!
New Beginnings, by Susan Minnick - Betty and the WENN staff start over after World War II.
The Next Room, by Jess - Scott may be passing on, but Betty will always be by his side.
The Night After, by Katie McNamara - Jeff takes Hilary home after the marathon broadcast in "And If I Die Before I Sleep."
Night and Day, by Jill Seib - C.J takes Maple on a date and ends up defending her honor.
A Night at the Ballet, by Christina Wilson - There's a part of Scott that no one knows about, and he'd prefer to keep it that way...if Hilary and Jeff will let him.

Last Updated September 8th, 2001

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