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Scott and Betty - The Writer and the Rogue

Scott and Betty ca. early fourth season

Scott: Ever try to eat a barnacle?
Betty: (Wary) No.
Scott: Don't.
Betty: (A little sarcastic) I promise not to.
Scott Sherwood to Betty Roberts, A Capital Idea

Scott Sherwood breezed into radio station WENN late in 1940 with a letter of recommendation from Victor Comstock, the former station manager, and a load of ideas on how to improve the station.

Scott: Whatcha doin', Betty?
Scott to Betty, World of Tomorrow

Scott and Betty's relationship began tentatively, with him spouting lunch dates and rigged quiz shows at her. Scott soon learned that Betty had little tolarance for his crazy schemes. He thought her too prudish but he loved her brilliant mind and ability to see through and add to his wildest scams. She disapproved of his brashness and insensitivity even as she admired his attempts to keep WENN up and running.

Scott: ...And we'll point you out to the sponsors, if we have any left, and we'll say "Oh her, that's Betty Roberts, the young widow of WENN."
Scott to Betty, Radio Silence

The first turning point in their relationship was when Victor Comstock (supposedly) died in the London Blitz. Betty went over the deep end mourning for Victor, whom she admired and loved. Scott followed her home every night to make sure she was all right and finally flat-out told the unhappy woman that you can't honor a dead man with silence and grief.

Betty: You misspelled "Hancock". Try writing Scott Sherwood.
Betty to Scott, Strange Bedfellows

Scott and Betty grew closer after that, sharing dates and trying to keep WENN afloat. The two spent most of the second season handling the many changes that Scott brought to WENN - the new interns, Hilary and Jeff's re-marriage (of sorts), Celia Mellon's quitting the station for Hollywood, and the arrival of the brassy new daytime organist, Maple LaMarsh.

Scott: Have you been screened?
Scott to Aunt Agatha, Scott Sherwood of the FBI

Scott also revealed his plans for the Victor Comstock Memorial to Betty. He took money from the sponsors to create a monument for WENN's fallen former leader.

Scott: You need to get out more.
Betty: I do!
Scott and Betty, The First Mrs. Bloom
As it turned out, Victor never really passed away. He came back to the station late one crazy night to tell Betty that he was a double agent for the British and the Germans and she couldn't tell anyone. He also mentioned that he never heard of Scott Sherwood.

Scott: Can I...give you a kiss good-bye?
Betty: Not a chance.
Scott and Betty, Who's Scott Sherwood?

Betty confronted him with this information after the evil Rollie Pruitt, who found out about the embezzled money, fired Scott. Scott lied to her about it at first, but his concience to got to him and he eventually told her the truth. Scott forged Victor's signature on the letter of recommendation. He was merely an out-of-work promoter who needed a job and wanted to meet this smart, sweet Betty Roberts that Victor described.

Scott: Oh, what the hell.
Scott, Who's Scott Sherwood?

Betty took this information very well under the circumstances. She slapped Scott and showed him the door. He responded with a passionate kiss (sigh) before leaving the station.

Scott came back a week later when Jeff Singer left for London and WENN was out a leading man. Betty wasn't going to hire him at first, but the station was desperate and Scott was a genuinely good actor.

Besides, who could turn down a smile like this? ; 0 )

She wouldn't take Scott back easily, though. He spent the rest of the third season trying to get back into Betty's good graces.

Scott: Me, looking over the cliff...
Betty: Me, pushing you off the edge of the precipice!
Scott and Betty, The Importance of Being Betty

Scott: BettyBettyBetty. What name springs to mind?
Betty: I thought there were springs in your mind. Along with a sizable amount of lint.
Scott and Betty, Nothing Up My Sleeve

It took a gun in Scott's face to get him to tell Betty how he truly felt about her. Victor Comstock once again returned to WENN, but he was under Nazi mind control. His orders were to shoot anyone who said "Buy Barely Futures".

Scott: Hey Betty, I love you.
Betty: Buy Barley Futures.
Scott and Betty, Happy Homecomings

Betty and Scott both said it, but so did Rollie Pruitt, who turned out to be a Nazi saboteur. As it turned out, Pruitt was the only person who got hurt. Victor shot him on mistake. Scott assigned Betty to keep an eye on Pruitt while he tried to round up Victor.

Betty: We can't let him wander around the station in the state that he's in!
Betty on a mind-controlled Victor, Some Time, Some Station

Victor believed that it was 8:00 AM and time to start 'Bedside Manor'! Thankfuly it only took one episode to jog Victor's memory.

Betty alternated between dates with Scott and dates with Victor throughout the fourth season, but her relationship with Victor left her frustrated. Victor loved her, but he was constantly at Washington and always placed his abstract ideals before her feelings.

Victor: Like they say at the Buttery, Betty, I'm ready to take your order. What'll it be?
Victor, All Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front

World War II finally reared its patrotic head at WENN. Victor was assigned to run the new Wartime News and Entertainment Network (W.E.N.N) and Scott enlisted in the Army as a lieutenant. He set up a swank job for Victor in London. Victor, however, suggested that Scott take the job. The men turned to the shocked Betty to decide both their futures...and hers as well.

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Screen captures courtesy Michelle Savage, Kelsea Danae, Rodney Walker, and Melody Raidy. Photo of Betty and Scott at top of page courtesy Katie McNamera.

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Top 10 Reasons That Scott and Betty Belong Together

  • Betty keeps Scott from causing (too) much trouble.
  • Scott gives Betty's life spice and adventure.
  • Scott often places Betty's feelings before his.
  • They work well together and make excellent partners.
  • Neither Scott nor Betty are naive about the ways of the heart.
  • Scott keeps everyone at WENN on their toes.
  • Betty deflates Scott's ego when he gets a little too puffed up about one of his schemes.
  • The looks they give each other create enough sparks to burn half of downtown Pittsburgh.
  • Scott has actually admitted his feelings to Betty (unlike some station managers I could name).
  • They look so darn cute together! ; 0 )