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Love is in the Airwaves

Italics denotes thoughts.

In the following weeks, Scott and Betty resolved their affections to be hopeless. Everyone detected the sorry state of affairs, but no one knew what to do. Despite Hilary's efforts with Betty, Betty wouldn't shift the notion that Scott no longer loved her, and Scott believed that Betty could never love him.

One late night, Scott was getting ready to go home. He thought everyone else left more than an hour ago. Then he heard the tapping of a typewriter. He went to the writer's room to find Betty still at her desk.

"Betty, you shouldn't be working this late."

"Well, what were you doing here till now?"

"Working," Scott confessed. "Well, what are you typing?"

"I wanted to finish a script for 'The Hands Of Time', but I'm not sure I'm happy with what I've written."

"Would it help you to hear it acted? We could play the roles."

"That might help. Thanks."

Betty handed Scott the pages, forgetting it was a romantic scene.

"We have half a moment together, Elizabeth," read Scott.

"Half a moment is too little."

"I'll return soon."

"Don't leave."

"Would you really rather I stay?"

"Of course. You mean so much to me."

"Oh, Elizabeth, was it something deep within your eyes that drew me to you?"

"We'll probably never know why our lives are destined to be one."

Scott and Betty started to find the delivery of the words difficult, but they continued, hoping their emotions wouldn't become evident.

"There are reasons people fall in love, Elizabeth. Forever has just begun if you love me."

"Your smile, your laugh, the concern in your eyes. What else was I to do but fall in love with you?"

Betty and Scott fought desperately not to make eye contact.

"Elizabeth, I love you."

"And I love you."

Scott purposely stared intently on the script, but Betty nervously looked up.

"Scott," she said softly, "I do love you."

Scott looked at Betty. He was afraid he had misheard her. "Betty, did you just say..."

"I love you, Scott."

The words echoed in Betty's mind repeatedly as she woke up. She opened her eyes to find herself in the green room. She was still slightly disoriented when Scott entered.

"Hey, you're awake."

"Scott, what...what happened?"

"Well, Mr. Holstrom held Hilary, you, and me at gunpoint because we discovered that he was sending out Nazi messages in 'Amazon Andy.' Due to Hilary and Jeff's code, they outwitted Holstrom, and, when I came back from the police station, you were here asleep."

"Mr. Pruitt was never the manager? Hilary and Jeff never got divorced because of Pavla? America's not at war? You never..." Betty stopped her puzzled statement.

"Bettybettybetty, I think the shock caused you to have a pretty interesting dream."

"No, no, I'm not shocked because of Mr. Holstrom. I'm shocked because of..." Betty paused. Had she dreamt that Victor came back tonight? She figured she must have, if everything else she thought had happened was an outrageous dream. Suddenly, she didn't ponder any of the questions. All her considerations of her feelings for Victor in the past few weeks came into place. Betty knew now her feelings for Victor weren't love and never had been.

"Betty, are you all right?" Scott asked with concern.

"Yes, I'm fine now."

A minute later, Victor came into the green room. Betty remained speechless. She hadn't dreamt his return. Scott turned to face the door at the sound of someone's entering.


"Hello, Scott. Betty, you've come around."

Betty fainted away again. she came to a few minutes later.

"Scott? Victor?" Betty questioned. She was no longer certain of either gentleman's existence, but before a moment had passed, both men were standing beside her. "Before I faint another time, would someone tell me what's going on?"

"Betty, I know my being alive comes as a surprise. However, it's..." Victor was interrupted by the arrival of Hilary.

"Victor, I thought...We all thought you were dead."

"Yes, I know," replied Victor. "I can explain."

"Oh, this is too much," complained Hilary. "Scott, would you get me a glass of water?"

Scott began to walk toward the sink, but Hilary stopped him.

"No, not from the tap, Scotty. I prefer the water in the cooler down the hall."

Scott gave Hilary a slightly agitated glance. However, he decided to oblige her order. As soon as Scott left the room, Victor went to Betty, who was still sitting at the far left of the sofa.

"Betty, I must tell you something," Victor said, forgetting Hilary hadn't exited the room as well. "Actually, I must ask you something. I've been thinking about this a long time, and I've come to the conclusion when I was leaving and you asked 'what about us?,' you didn't mean the general staff of WENN." Betty was too occupied with wondering if Victor was really saying this to realize Scott had returned. "Betty, if I'm right," continued Victor, "and you did mean you and me, I wish to tell you that I also feel our partnership could be more than a working relationship." Scott stood still next to Hilary by the doorway, fearing what Betty's reply might be.

"Victor, I...I don't know what to say. You see..."

As Betty spoke, Hilary became perplexed. She thought those words were the beginning of just what Betty dreamt of hearing from Victor.

Betty finally bolstered her courage. "Victor, I did think I felt that for you, but I've realized that although you'll always be special to me, it's as a friend."

"Oh," Victor said with restrained disappointment.

"Scott, where's my water?" asked Hilary, noticing he wasn't holding a glass.

"There was none left," answered Scott as he took a seat on the opposite side of the couch from Betty. Betty smiled at the thought of past conversations between Scott and Hilary.

"Oh, it's of no matter," Hilary said, pleased her question had restored some comfort in the room. "Well, Victor, what happened?"

Victor stopped staring at the wall and turned to face his three colleagues. The disappointed look drained from his face, "Oh, yes, it's all very simple." Victor now looked straight at Betty and Scott, while Hilary remained to the side. Victor reached for his pocket. "I'm a Nazi." He pulled out a gun. Betty and Scott jumped to their feet. "It's a pity I have to kill you all. You would have been useful when Hitler takes over. However, I understand you know something of the messages in 'Amazon Andy'. Well, before the police stop our little organization, I'm going to stop you. No one must be able in any way to oppose Hitler's great plans for America."

Victor pointed the gun too close to Scott and Betty for either of them to move. Betty and Scott were looking directly at each other. They were scared for themselves and one another.

Betty knew she was longing to say something, but she wasn't sure what. Scott kept thinking of how he had felt when Holstrom had threatened Betty's life and how he felt now. They both kept remembering all that had happened over the past few months.

"Betty," Scott finally blurted out, "I love you."

Betty couldn't believe it. She forgot all her fears as a staggering feeling came over her. While Betty was at a loss for words, Hilary realized Victor was experiencing a minute of distraction. Hilary creeped toward the table and quickly picked up the vase on it. She swiftly hit Victor over the head with it, and he fell to the floor unconscious. Hilary's gloved hand removed the gun from Victor's clutch. In the commotion, Scott and Betty didn't think of what should be said regarding their relationship.


"Maybe if we broadcast via frequency modulation over a carrier wavelength."

"I thought you didn't know anything about radio."

Betty took a deep breath. Then she entered WENN the following afternoon.

"Hi, Betty," greeted Maple.

"Hi," Betty responded, trying to be cheery.

"Did you have a nice lunch break, Betty?" asked Gertie.

"Yes, thanks. I'll be in the writer's room if anybody needs me."

Betty walked down the hall with her mind on nothing and everything at the same time. Hilary stepped closer to the reception area.

"Betty must be even more mortified than the rest of us that Victor is a Nazi," said Gertie sympathetically.

"You know, Gertie," announced Hilary smugly, "I do believe something else is occupying Betty's thoughts."

"Hilary, what are you talking about?" asked Jeff as he exited Studio A.

"Yesterday, before Victor revealed he was a Nazi, Betty turned down an offer he made to her of Romance."

"Really," exclaimed Gertie.

"Well, it's good Betty is over her, uh, crush on Victor, since he's a Nazi," said Maple.

"I suppose Betty can't believe how little she really knew Victor," Jeff sighed, then continued too low for the others to hear him, "I know I misjudged him."

"Oh, Pumpkin, I don't think Betty's pondering any feelings for Victor. No, I think it's Scott."

"Hilary," Gertie said with sparked interest. "Do go on."


"I don't remember all this jazz being in the game plan."

"Well, if you want to jazz things up, you have to leave a little room for improvisation. What's the matter? Did I embroider our story too much?"

Hilary's entrance into the writer's room ended Betty's memories. "Well, Betty, two interviews with the police in 24 hours."

"Yes, Hilary," Betty said, unable to truly pay attention.

"Betty, how are you feeling about Victor?" Hilary asked with sincerity.

"Well, I can't believe a man as idealistic and decent as Victor would give up on his cause in such a way."

"Seeing the horrors of war does funny things to a person. He probably became misguidedly disillusioned," Hilary responded. Betty nodded. Hilary picked up a script. "I've noticed," Hilary said as she flipped through the script, "that you and Scott have been avoiding each other."

"Oh, Hilary, I must tell someone. When I saw Victor alive, I fainted, and I guess I had some sort of dream," Betty proceeded to tell Hilary the details of her imagination, excluding Pavla.

"Oh, Betty, no one dreams up months and months of events that vividly, especially not in a couple of hours," Hilary said once Betty had finished.

"I know it sounds silly, Hilary, but it happened, and then when Scott said 'I l..." Betty did not go on.

"Betty, have you considered the possibility that your subconscious was trying to tell you something in that dream, something about your feelings for Scott?" implied Hilary. Betty didn't speak. "Well," Hilary said walking toward the door, "just remember when Victor left, your greatest regret was that you never told him what you thought your feelings were."

Betty wanted to allow Hilary's words to penetrate, but all she could do was remember things that had happened with Scott.

"Thanks for being wrong, Betty. At just the right times."

"I guess we're both trying to do what's right for the station."


Scott paused as he approached the door of the writer's room that evening. He took a deep breath, and then entered, trying to be as casual as he usually was.


"Hello, Scott." Neither of them knew what to say for several seconds. Eventually, Betty continued. "Well, the Victor Comstock Memorial certainly won't be built now."

"I almost forgot about that. I'll find some way of returning the money."

Betty was relieved about the funds. However, she and Scott both knew they would have to address their emotions.

"Ah, Scott, I know what you said to me yesterday was only to divert Victor's attention."


Neither of them protested the conclusion. They weren't ready to admit the truth just yet.

Betty abruptly grabbed some documents on the desk. She knelt to the lowest shelf of the filing cabinet and began flipping through papers.

"What are you looking for, Betty?"

"I'm putting something back," Betty answered as she accomplished her mission.

Scott offered his assistance to help Betty to her feet. Betty placed her hands in Scott's and stood up. Their eyes met while they were still hand in hand. Their feelings for each other overwhelmed them. They slowly moved closer. Finally, they kissed tenderly as they wrapped their arms around one another with care. When the kiss ended, Scott looked deeply into Betty's eyes. Something in her smile told him what he should tell her.

"Betty, I meant what I said yesterday."

Betty couldn't fully absorb it. When she didn't say anything after a minute, Scott didn't want to press her.

"I'm sorry, Betty. I hadn't meant, see you tomorrow."

Scott headed for the door. Betty suddenly thought on Hilary's words. Yet, she wasn't certain of what to do. In the same second one more memory struck her.

"I'll give you this, Scott Sherwood, that was pretty gutsey of you to go out on a ledge like that just to help the station."

"Oh, there's a lot I'd do for the people of this station even if it means falling head over heels."

"Scott," Betty called. He turned to face her. She knew what she wanted to say. "I love you."

Scott paused. Then, they fell into an embrace. Scott wished he could hold her forever.

"Betty," he said softly, "I love you."

"I love you, Scott. I believe I have for a much longer time than I've known it."

"I think I've loved you since the day we met, Betty Roberts."

"Well, that's more than flattering, Scott Sherwood."

"Betty." Scott said sweetly, "will you marry me?"

"Oh, yes, Scott, I'll marry you."

A few minutes later Scott and Betty walked to the silent main hall. They thought everyone had gone home for the night, but they spotted Mr. Foley and Hilary at reception. Betty stopped and turned to Scott.

"Scott, let's not tell them now," she whispered. "I want to tell everyone together tomorrow."

Scott agreed, and they continued, happily, to reception.

"Don't say it, Mr. Foley," Hilary said before he could speak. "It has been an overly eventful couple of days. I've acted many a death scene, but actually being held at gunpoint is not something I wanted to experience."

Jeff interrupted, carrying Hilary's coat as Mr. Foley was about to talk.

"That must have been traumatic, Hilary, darling," consoled Jeff.

"It was, Pumpkin. Imagine, Victor a Nazi."

Just as Mr. Foley went to offer an opinion, Jeff continued with a smile.

"Although many good things have happened here at WENN," Jeff said while holding Hilary's coat as she slid into it. Hilary turned her head toward Jeff and returned his smile. She knew they were both thinking of their times together.

After a second, Jeff escorted Hilary out the door. Before Betty, Scott, and Mr. Foley followed, Betty looked around for a moment thinking of all their memories there. "Oh, do you think we'll remember all that's happened here at WENN?" she dreamily asked.

Mr. Foley glanced wistfully in the direction of the hall and grinned. He suavely swung his jacket over his shoulder and said, "Yes, we'll always remember when."

The End

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