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Kevin Schultz

WENN Wars - Scott's sci-fi epic about "long ago in a radio station far, far away..."
Where the Air is Rarified - Scott and Betty travel back to the Civil War era in this exciting crossover with the sci-fi show "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne"!
Damsel in a Dress -Betty has a very, very exciting dream!
The Cure for Insomnia - Scott and Betty share a quiet moment one late night at the station.
The American Lieutenant - Two German officers are having problems with a certain American prisoner of war.
Farewell Tour - An old man revisits his past at the former WENN...

Jill Seib

Night and Day - C.J asks Maple on a date, and ends up defending her honor.

Dana Sherman

Lunch Hour - Victor spends a lonely lunch hour while playing "Jonathan Arnold" in Berlin.
A Tale of Thanksgiving - Hilary and Jeff invite the WENN staff to a Thanksgiving party.
The Legacy -While on a date with Scott, Betty asks him why he decided to come back to WENN after Pruitt fired him.
Twenty-Four Hours - Dana's alternate ending to to the "Happy Homecomings" cliffhanger.
Eugenia Meets Her Doom...Groom - Eugenia and Mr. Foley are getting married!
Christmas Basket - Maple finds a baby in the Green Room on Christmas Morning 1941.
Hot Cocoa Break - Victor writes a eulogy for Mr. Eldridge after he passes away in 1942.
The Loop - An elderly Betty Roberts recieves a very surprising vistor one night...

Kris Stanger

Betty's Journey of Discovery Series - Betty must win Scott back after he mistakenly believes that she no longer loves him.

Last Updated March 1st, 2003

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