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Shelly Call

A Dark and Stormy Night - A thunder storm and Hilary's new show has Betty on edge during Halloween.
The Eyes Have It - Scott and Jeff hire a hypnotist to make Betty and Hilary fall for them again, but the hypnotist has ideas of his own.
It Only Happens When I'm With You - Betty and Scott are dating...but could an old beau of Betty's change their relationship?
Safekeeping - An alternate universe Betty-Scott romance. Scott gives Betty something special of his just after he enlists.
Far From Pittsburgh - Betty follows husband Scott from her family's home in Elkheart to wartorn London.
Our Mutual Spy - Betty and Scott encounter deception and treason on a dangerous mission!

Katy Campbell

Rememberance - Jeff recalls his temptuous relationship with Hilary while in London.
At a Bar Called O'Malley's - Scott is determined to win Betty back after Pruitt fires him.

Mary Lee Costa

Into the Fire Series - Mary Lee's take on the ending of the fourth season cliffhangers!

Last Updated October 4th, 2001

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