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Authors - B

Adina Bernstein

Before WENN - Betty's Story - What was Betty's life in Elkheart like?
Ruth and Hilary - Hilary explains how she and Ruth Geddy became rivals.
The Date From Hell - Jeff decides to start dating other women in order to make Hilary jealous.
The Decision - Victor and Scott have put Betty on the spot. Will she finally make a decision regarding her relationships with both men?
Maple's Pondering - Maple's thoughts on the events of All Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front.
Penalties of the Heart - Who is Hilary married to, and how will Jeff handle it?
Reunion - Jeff recieves a surprising visitor in 1948.
Love Remembered - Betty and Scott encounter each other in 1954. Can they renew their relationship?
The Will - What will the former WENN staff do with the station after Mr. Eldridge passes away?

Alice Burton

Thoughts - Hilary's thoughts on Jeff and their marriage at the beginning of the first season.
Surprise - Hilary and Jeff have a very close encounter in a closet during "Christmas in the Airwaves".
Forgotten - Hilary tries to accept Jeff's abandonment.
Resolutions - Jeff gives his side of the story in this sequal to "Forgotten".

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