Welcome to Self Hypnosis for Beginners where you can learn to relax yourself completely within seconds, eliminate anxiety and sleeplessness, and rebuild your self confidence and self-esteem.

Does it take long?

We can teach you to hypnotize yourself, build a sanctuary of the mind, and adopt better sleeping habits all in one session which lasts about an hour. Prior to this, we provide a free consultation and create a confidential profile.

In the second session we show you how to build confidence, select goals such as losing weight, setting up powerful imagery for achieving goals. For instance, what are your goals?

Perhaps you would like to be a better speaker, quit drinking coffee, be a more effective sales person, be more assertive, be a better tennis player or golfer, write a best seller, paint a masterpiece. Or you would like to attract more money into your life.

Like many people, you may have blocks or limitations that are holding you back. We can help you develop powerful imagery to overcome such blocks and set you on the road to achieve your goals.

While we teach you how to practice self-hypnosis, easily and effortlessly, the fact is by using the right imagery and self-talk, you can set your mind to accomplishing any of the goals you set for yourself.

Of course, each goal must be practical and within the realms of achievement. If you are set on being a U.S. Admiral of the Fleet and you're sixty-six and just retired as a tugboat operator because of ill health, chances are incredibly slim of achieving such a goal. It helps to have a sense of humor when achieving goals too.

The whole thing rests on changing your mind -- changing the way your subconscious thinks. Self Hypnosis training can take between one and three one hour sessions. The program also comes with one of our self-hypnosis support CDs.

Appointments are available days and most evenings as well as weekends. Call me and start getting a better control of your life. You'll be glad you did.


Robert D. Egby DHP, CH
Center for Hypnosis and Sound Healing
26941 Three Mile Point Road, Chaumont, NY 13622
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