Realigning Your Body Energies
With Sound and Conscious Hypnosis

Our bodies are cascading fountains of energy systems, magnificent beyond imagination, and each one is entirely unique. You may look and sound like others but you are special. You carry a distinguishing energy, reflected in every muscles, every bone, every organ, every gland, every cell in your body.

Your body should be like an orchestra playing beautiful music. Then one day, something happens. A member of the orchestra starts playing off key, and quickly every part of the orchestra is being affected until the musician is helped to get back in tune. It's much like retuning a piano. This is like the human body. One small part affected by negative energy - an imbalance -- can effect the whole body. It is wise to treat the imbalance while it is only a minor imbalance.

Instead of using the word "energy" to describe this balancing technique, the ancient teachers and practitioners used the concept of Sacred Sound. Various teachers in different cultures had their own terms for describing Sacred Sound. In recent years Dr. Hans Jenny repeatedly showed how audible sounds structure matter in a phenomena he called "Cymatics." Sound healing works in the same way.

Sound healing is designed to bring the body back into full alignment. Sound is an energy that can influence or change the vibrational rate in the body. It creates the correct, natural resonant frequency of the part in the body that is out of tune. This causes it to vibrate back to its normal healthy state.


It provides fast and deep states of relaxation.
It improves mental clarity and brain functioning.
It relieves stress by realigning the body into a centered space.
It can boost vitality and stamina.
Reduces or eliminate pains and discomforts.
Improves study habits and creativity.
Creates a healthy sense of wellbeing.
Sound consists of Pulse, Wave and Form. The pulse, or frequencies, can be projected into the body via an instrument creating this sound. These instruments range through such things as Tuning Forks, Otto Tuners, Celestial Tuners, ancient Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Rain Sticks, and music designed to realign the Elements of the Human Body. In addition, the human voice can be used to assist in Energy Realignment in an aspect called Toning.

Sound Healing involves the Chakras or the body's spiralling energy centers. The term Chakra had its origins in India but today many cultures and modalities identify and work with these energy centers. Chakras influence muscles, organs, glands, and all cells within the human body.

Chakras also influence the endocrine system which is instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, and metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes. A person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives are all reflected in the spiralling energy centers. Sound Healing evaluates and realigns these body energy centers.

Robert Egby is a graduate of the Biosonic Academy of Music and Sound Healing and has "successfully completed a professional studies program in Biosonic Repatterning(TM) an energy medicine approach to Music and Sound Healing Using Tuning Forks, Toning, Voice Energetics, Mantras and Music Listening." The Director is. John Beaulieu, ND, Ph.D. The Academy can be found at www.biosonics.com.

Robert, who is a certified and accredited hypnoanalyst, uses a blend of Conscious Hypnosis and Sound Healing to achieve the desired results. As usual, he provides a free consultation to clients.

Robert D. Egby DHP, CH.
Center for Hypnosis and Sound Healing

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