Robert Egby is a Certified Clinical Hypnosis Counselor, a Certified Sound Healer, an ordained Interfaith Minister, a Dowser, a Psychic Mediunm, a lecturer and workshop leader on Enlightenment and Higher Awareness. He is also a publisher and an award-wining author.

Robert was born in Maidenhead, England. His working life started as a production messenger with David Hand's animation studios at Cookham, UK.

During five years in the British RAF he served with British Forces Broadcasting Service and upon release stayed in the Middle East to work as a journalist, broadcaster and news photographer. He spent 13 years freelancing in the Eastern Mediterranean working for United Press International, Central Press Photos of London, the Daily Mail, the Financial Times (UK), British Movietone News and the Cyprus Mail. He was an accredited British War Correspondent at the 1956 Suez Invasion, and was awarded an Honorable Mention for News Photos in the British Press Pictures of the Year - 1956.

Later he served as a civilian with British Forces Broadcasting in Aden and Germany where he produced a nightly news magazine. In 1966 he and his family emigrated to British Columbia where he became Managing Editor of a newspaper and later, News Director of the CHNL Radio Network where he won three major awards for radio documentaries. Subsequently he held public relations management positions with Weyerhaeuser Canada and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, before becoming Director, Public Relations for the building of Vancouver's SkyTrain, which at the time was the longest fully automated, driverless train system in North America. He stayed with BC Transit in a media counseling capacity for ten years.

In 1990 he studied hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis through the Hypnotherapy Center, Bournemeouth, UK and became an accredited member of the International Association of Hypnoanalysts, and built a large practice in North Vancouver, Canada.

In 1997 he relocated to New Jersey, where, with his late wife Sharon, they established a private practice. In 2004 he studied Sound Healing through Dr. John Beaulieu at the Biosonics Academy and became a Certified Sound Healer, a faculty that is now included in his general practice. In the spring of 2005 he established a satellite office in the Thousand Islands Region, Cape Vincent, northern New York State.

Back in the late 1970s Robert discovered he possessed intuitive gifts, and recognized that much of the success in his journalistic and news photographic work had been because of these gifts. He studied under British medium Patrick Young in British Columbia and subsequently taught meditation and higher awareness for ten years at the Vancouver Psychic Society.

In 1998, after moving to New Jersey, he joined the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, graduated from the Morris Pratt Institute's Course in Modern Spiritualism (for ministerial training), and for over two years served as Director, Public Relations for the NSAC. He, along with then President, the late Rev. Barbara Thurman, started a monthly email newsletter "News from NSAC" to keep members briefed on Spiritualist activities. In 2002 he set up an independent ministry -- Silver Birch Ministries -- which is now a chartered church run on Spiritualist principles. Robert is an ordained minister with Universal Ministries.

Robert is a practicing Psychic Medium and teacher, and he holds classes and workshops on mediumship, past lives, Spirit guides and healing throughout the year. Early in 2003 he set up Parapsychic Journal, a monthly email publication designed to look at the big picture of Spiritualism,the Afterlife, Metaphysics, human consciousness, mediumship and related aspects in the United States and Canada. It was published in Britain's Psychic World Newspaper. In August 2007, Robert had to give up writing the newsletter, in order to devote time to writing books. The first, "Cracking the Glass Darkly" was published in late December 2007. It has since been updated and republished in April 2011 with a new cover. The second book "The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist" was published in June 2009, and his third book "INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist." are available through Amazon in the U.S., UK and Australia and many independent bookstores, or by clicking here.

Robert's "Kings, Killers and Kinks in the Cosmos: Treading Softly With Angels Among Minefields" an autobiography spanning almost eight decades of his life in various countries as he searched for the Light and Spiritual Freedom has been published. He has also written a book on dowsing Earth energies entitled "Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth: A Dowser's Journey in New Mexico." Another is his best selling book "CHASING THE COMSIC PRINCIPLE: Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America." All of Robert's books are available through Amazon in the U.S., UK and Australia and many independent bookstores, or at his Different Books for Different People.

Robert is also a novelist. His adventure books are:
PENTADAKTYLOS: Love, Promises and Patriotism in the Last Days of Colonial Cyprus
THE GUARDIANS OF STAVKA: The Deadly Hunt for Romanov Gold in Canada
CATACLYSM '79: The day the river stopped
UNPLUGGED: The Return of the Fathers
FOR THE LOVE OF ROSE: A Journey in Three Worlds.
Robert's books can be found at Robert Egby Books

Robert is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Sound Healers Association, the American Society of Dowsers, SPAN: Small Publishers Association of North America,IBPA Independent Book Publishers Association. Along with his partner, Betty Lou, he hangs his hat and quill in Pemberton, New Jersey.

Robert is available for lively, interactive speaking engagements on a variety of topics. Call 609-351-5878 or drop us a line at robertegbydowser@gmail.com. You will be pleased you did.

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