“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born, is to remain always a child.”
-- Cicero, Roman Orator and Philosopher 100-43 BCE

Past-Life Exploration Can
Give New Meaning To Life

Thousands of people have found that past-life therapy has proven to be one of the most powerful and effective techniques for removing blockages in relationships, careers, family life, health and general prosperity. Past-life therapy can, for the open-minded, be a gateway to change.

It is particularly effective and beneficial in healing unexplained aches, fears, chronic pains. It can also reveal or reawaken hidden spiritual gifts of knowledge, abilities and wisdom.

One interesting aspect: it does not matter whether you believe in past lives or not. Past-life therapy works very well.

There are two ways of looking at past-lives: One is historical research, the other is to explore and be aware of emotions and events that occurred in past lives, and by being aware and understanding, come to the realization that something that happened many years ago is impacting one’s current life. Past-life therapy gives one the option of change and breaking free from old ties.

Reincarnation is a philosophy practiced and understood by approximately two-thirds of the world’s population. You may be amazed to discover how many lifetimes have played their part in creating the person you are today.

For people who are open-minded, past-life therapy is one of the most powerful therapeutic techniques you can use to remove blockages in your career, relationships, financial success and health. Past-life therapy is also very effective in healing your traumas and pains, and reawakening your strengths, talents and wisdom. It does not matter whether you believe in past lives or not. The process works just the same.

Some people before exploring past lives are concerned about encountering negative events. However, the mere fact that you are able to revisit a negative experience usually gives you a sense of relief. The relief comes from the realization that no matter how negative your past experiences were, you still have a chance to come back to another life and start all over again, and correct any negative inclinations in this life. Not all is negative. You may well discover talents gained in a past life, that you can use in this life.

Such new-found awareness will give you a sense of hope and empowerment. The positive changes following this revelation can be wondrous! In our one-on-one sessions or in our past-lives workshops -- safe, caring environments -- people are able to explore past lives, and through a greater knowledge of Self, discover a new meaning, a greater purpose in Life. There are no mistakes, only lessons -- potential opportunities for growth on the continuing journey of transformation.

If you are interested in a private, confidential Past-Lives Exploration with Robert Egby, call 609-351-5878 to arrange an appointment or get information. If you would like to attend Robert’s “Exploring Past Lives” one-day workshops, call for a date, or email robert.egby@hotmail.com.

The one-day “Exploring Past Lives” Workshops are available for presentation in Southern New Jersey and Northern New York State. Organizers should call the number below and ask for special fund-raising opportunities.

If you're reading this in England and are interesred in exploring your Past Lives, contact Robert's sister, at REINCARNATION WORKS -- Diane Egby-Edwards in UK
Meanwhile, here's an exercise you may wish to explore:

HOW TO SEE YOURSELF IN A PAST LIFE: You may have been intrigued by the thought of how you appeared in a past life. Here’s an interesting technique you can perform if you are on an upscale vibration.

Find yourself a small room that can be completely blacked out. You will need a full length mirror, an open candle in a safe holder, a small table, an upright chair with arms for comfort. Position the mirror by a wall. Next, place the chair about six to eight feet away directly facing the mirror. Now place the candle on the table and place about two or three feet away from you at a 45 degree angle. Light the candle. When you sit in the chair, you should not be able to see the candle flame in the mirror but the light from the candle will illuminate your face. When you are ready turn off the regular room lights and sit in the chair.

Spend a couple of minutes sitting quietly, mentally watching your breathing. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t try to change anything, simply observe your breathing. Then say softly to yourself: “With every breath that I take I go deeper and deeper into relaxation.” When you feel totally relaxed, open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror – without comment, opinion – simply observe yourself impartially. Then tell yourself, “I would like to see myself as I appeared in a past life.”

Then, simply do nothing. After a short while, perhaps a few seconds or a minute or two, you will witness your face changing. Observe whatever happens impartially. Make some mental notes on whatever you see or feel. If you do not get excited, and simply observe quietly, the scene may well change into another appearance, and another. When you feel you have had enough, say “Thank you” to the Universe. Take in a deep breath and as you breath out say out loud: “Wide awake! I am wide awake.”

Sit quietly for a few minutes, then turn on the main lights, make some notes of your experience – and blow out the candle. NOTE: Perform this only when you are feeling positive about yourself. If you need help with Past Life Exploration call Robert at 609-351-5878 or a well trained professional.

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