The Crew at Moor Hall Studios (1946 - 1950)

Since the writing of "Memories of David Hand and Moor Hall Studios" and subsequent posting of the article on the internet in the summer of 2005, it has become increasing obvious from email queries that there is a major deficiency. No one appears to possess a complete list of the Crew -- the men and women who worked at Moor Hall, Cookham, UK -- and in some way, big or small, contributed to the making of the Animaland and Musical Paintbox films. These productions are now considered by many to be a priceless heritage in British animation film and therefore it is important to gather as many names as possible.

It should be pointed out there was a third unit at Moor Hall know as the Diagramatic Animation Section. Bill Clarke in Ottawa, Canada as well as Fred Shackell, Cab Smith, Jim Macaulay, Eunice Macaulay (Bagley) and Joan Fletcher (better known as Joan Patton)in the UK have helped considerably in compiling this list of crew members at the Moor Hall Studios. You may notice that some people worked in one section and transferred into the other section and their names appear twice.

This page is an attempt to create a memorial -- an historical record, and provide a resource for people interested in the "Crew" at Moor Hall Studios.Therefore, any information with names and appropriate departments would be appreciated and will be added to this list. Also, if there are any spelling errors in names, please let us know. The list, if and when completed should total round about 200 names. So far, the list below is over 140 names. So there are more names out there that should be on your list. If you were on the team at Moor Hall we would very much like to include your name and activity. If you had a relation -- mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc -- who was involved with Moor Hall Studios, we would like to hear from you. My email address is Thanks. Bob Egby (Last update: September 13th 2014)


Ralph Ayres -- Musical Paintbox
Norman Abbey -- animator, Musical Paintbox
Andre Amstutz -- Musical Paintbox
Patricia Amstutz -- Secretary, Buying Office
Andy Anderson -- ??????
Patricia Armstrong -- ?????
Frank Ashman -- Accounts


Eric Bradbury -- ??????
Michael Bentine -- Musical Paintbox writer
Pete Banks -- Set Designer
Eunice Bagley -- Trace and Paint
Pat Bolster -- Ink and Paint
John Bloss -- rostrum camera operator
Kathleen Boucher -- Accounts
Joan Baker -- ?????
Mary Birtles -- Ink and Paint
Daphne Bell -- Trace and Paint


Ron "Nobby" Clark -- storyboard artist
Shirley Clements -- Trace and Paint
Stuart "Stu" Crombie -- Sound Recording
Alex Cubie -- Clean-up Artist, Animaland
Mitchell Christopher -- animator
Stan Chaplin -- ?????
Lana Clarke -- Ink and Paint
Hester Coblenz -- Ink and Paint


Frankie Dale -- Sound Recording
Pete Dards -- (?)
Roy Davis -- story department, Animaland
Gwen Dodd -- Studio's Personnel Secretary
Yvonne Dormel -- Trace and Paint


Frank Eidlestein (later Frank Langford) -- Sculptor & Artist
Bob Egby -- Production Dept. & Traffic Dept.
Bill Elmer -- Camera


Bert Felstead -- Director, Animaland
Deryck Foster -- Musical Paintbox


Alan Gray -- animator, Musical Paintbox
Pat Griffin -- Musical Paintbox
Pete Griffifths -- writer / Story Department
Pat Gilbert -- Ink and Paint
Audrey Garrett -- Trace and Paint (Married John Bloss, went to Canada)
John Milton Gurr -- Sound and Film Editor
Hugh Grenham Gladwish -- artist


David Hand -- Producer
Tom Halley -- animator, Animaland
Harry Hargeaves (Married Wendy "Penny" Vickery at Moor Hall)
Enid Hartley -- Trace and paint (Married Mike Western)
Albert W. "Chick" Henderson
Gladys Hatch -- Personal Secretary to David Hand
Bill Holroyd
Bill Hopper -- Animator Animaland
Arthur Humberstone -- Animator Animaland
George Hawthorn -- Backgrounds
Bettina Hansford -- Backgrounds (Married Ted Percival)
Phillipa Hibbert -- Secretary to Bert Felstead
Hitch Hitching -- Story Board (especially commercials)
Norman Herod -- ?????
Rhona Hurt -- Rostrum Camera (Married Charles Pithers)
Fred Hearn -- Animation Trainee
June Hudson -- Trace and Paint
Reg Hoye -- Animation Trainee


Douglas Imray -- Studio Photographer
Phyllis Issacs -- Rostrum Camera


Peter Jay -- Musical Paintbox
George Jackson -- Animator Animaland
Brian Johnson -- Assistant to Stewart Crombie, Sound Recording Dept.
Brian Johnston -- Musical Paintbox
Edna B. Jebb -- Ink and Paint
Geof Jeffries -- In-betweener
Wendy James -- Ink and Opaque
Doug Jensen -- ??????


Ken Kramer -- producer
Pete Keeley -- Sound Recording


Patty Leachman -- Ink and Paint
Paddy Limoges -- Inka and Paint
Mary Lake -- Ink and Paint
Doug Louw -- ??????
David Livesey -- rostrum camera
Liz Ludlow -- Trace and Paint
Ernst Loeser -- (?)
Rhoda Leher -- Trace and Paint
Bill Luker -- (?????)


Frank Moysey -- Animator
Waclaw (Wacky) Machan -- Musical Paintbox
Jeff Martin -- Set Designer
Reca McGibbon -- Inbetweener and Trace and Paint artist
Bob Monkhouse -- writer
Robert (Bob) Morrow --Animator
Ron Murdoch -- Inbetween and Clean-up Artist, Animaland
William (Bill) Mevin -- Animator
Jim Malcolm -- Assistant Animator, Commercials
Barbara Morgan -- Ink and Paint
Barbara Mosley -- Ink and Paint
Bunty Martin -- Ink and Paint
Paul Metzulianik -- ?????
Joan Muir -- ?????
Marion Mullen -- Accounts (Married Geff Taylor)
Bill Marshall -- (?)
Jim Ninahane -- ?????
Mrs. Moore -- Behind the Bar
Beth McFall -- Trace and Paint


John Neale -- Rostrum Camera
Betty Northal -- Ink and Paint


Brian O'Hanlon -- Musical Paintbox
Alex Oxley -- (?)


Graham Phillips -- writer, Musical Paintbox
Stan Pearsall -- Animator - Animaland
Reg Parlett -- writer and artist
Joan Patton -- Secretary to David Hand. (Married Stan Pearsall)
Ted Percival -- Animator Animaland. (Married Bettina Hansford)(Died: February 3rd 2011)
Perc Poynter -- Set Designer
Kay Pearce -- Backgrounds
Charlie Pithers -- Rostrum Camera (Married Rhona Hurt)
Ray Patterson -- Animator and Training Animator
June Patterson (nee:Walker) Married to Ray Patterson)
Ernest Palfrey -- Manager, Accounts Dept.
Harry Petty -- ?????
Suzie Pugh -- Modeller
Mollie Perris -- Trace and Paint



John Reed -- Main Animator Instructor
Eddie Radage -- Animator, Animaland & Commercials
Henry Reed -- Music Director
Eric Ruckus -- Backgrounds
Joan Rogers -- Ink and Paint
John (Jack) Robinson -- Rostrum Cameraman


Henry Stringer -- Director, Musical Paintbox
Jack Stokes -- Key Animator
Ron Smith -- Animator
Nick Spargo
Cab Smith -- Production Office
Bernard Salisbury -- ????
Robert "Bob" Skinner -- Production Manager
Freda Salberg -- Moor Hall Adimistration
Beryl Stevens -- Trace and Paint
Edwin G. Sharp -- Clean-up Artist
Mario Sapporito -- Models and Puppets
Pip Sinclair -- Animator
Charlie Slater -- (American) Studio Chaser
Minnie Smith (Cab Smith's Mother) -- Restaurant
Pam Swift -- Trace and Paint
Diana (Scuffy) Scupham -- Trace and Paint (Married Stu Crombie)
Jean Evan (tiny) Smith -- Trace and Paint


Robin Tuck -- Production Office
Bill Taylor (or Traylor?) -- Camera
Bertram (Bertie) Tyrer -- Animator
Biddy Thompson -- Ink and Paint
Roy Turk -- Rostrum Camera
Alan Tavener -- Camera Dept
Gwen Tisdale -- Personnel Secretary



Wendy "Penny" Vickery -- Trace and Paint (married Harry Hargreaves)
Sid Vicary -- Clean-up Artist and Inbetween Artist, Animaland and Commercials
Val Vicary -- Trace and Paint, an Checker (Sid's wife)


Ralph Wright -- writer, Musical Paintbox / story producer, Animaland
Brian Wared -- animator, Musical Paintox
John Worsley -- Musical Paintbox
Mike Western -- Musical Paintbox (Married Enid Hartley)
John Woodward -- Musical Paintbox
John Wilson -- Animator Animaland
Sheila Wright -- Trace and Paint
Eileen Whatley -- Ink and Paint
Pat Williams -- Ink and Paint
Elizabeth Welch -- Voice
Sylvia Woodhouse -- Secretary to David Hand (Succeeded Joan Patton)
Pauline Walker (now Hancock) -- Accounts.
Babs Wyatt -- Trace and Paint
Barry Westwood -- Photography





Joan Baker -- Assistant to Mr. Jeffries
Bill Clarke -- Animation Artist
Louis Dahl -- Unit Director
Pete Dards -- Animation Artist & Ken Hardy Assistant
Yvonne Dormehl -- Animation Artist
Violet (Babs) Fuller -- Diagram Animator
Ken Gay -- Animation Artist (deceased July 2010)
Major Charles Green -- Animation Artist
Ken Hardy -- Unit Director
Mary Hadshead -- Film Strips (Married Nick Spargo)
????? Jeffries -- Department Head
Joan Jeffries -- Diagram Animators
Curt Laurenze -- Film Strips
Bob Lumley -- Animation Artist and Trainer
Jim Macaulay -- Animation Artist
Recca McGibbon -- Animation Artist
Les Orris -- Animation Artist
Arthur Passant -- Animation Artist
Charles Pithers -- Rostrum Animation Cameraman
????? Pridmore -- Animation Artist
Sally Sedgewick -- Animation Artist & Louis Dahl Assistant
Fred Shackell -- Animation Artist
Geoff Taylor -- Model Cameraman
David Livesey -- Model Camera Assistant
Edmund "Tug" Wilson -- Film Strips
Eric Wylam -- Animation Artist and Trainer
Marion Taylor -- Accounts (Wife of Geoff Taylor)


The following is a list of celebrities who provided "voice overs" for various productions at Moor Hall.

THE PLATYPUS -- Dick Bentley & Jimmy Edwards
OXYDOL COMMERCIAL -- Stewart McPherson
SPA TOOTHBRUSH -- Elizabeth Welch

Maurice Denham

The list is growing. If you see ?????? in the names above, it means we need help -- information! If you can provide information with this and any other names, please email me at with Moor Hall in the subject line.Any information from key crew members or their relatives would be much appreciated.We have already received various reports and documents. You can view these at the Memorabilia links on our main index.

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