"The spirit is the true self, not that physical figure which can be pointed out by your finger." -- Cicero

A New Uplifting Book by Robert Egby



Discovering the Power and the Ecstasy of Your True Cosmic Self

Robert Egby -- Author House -- ISBN 9781434349019



Have you ever watched yourself as you suffered? Perhaps through jealousy, anger, fear, boredom, insecurity, worry. If you had done so and watched impartially without judgment, criticism or comment, something very interesting would have happened. The suffering would have diminished. In an instant, you would have found a miracle: that escape from the mechanical mind-suffering that millons unconsciously subject themselves to every day is possible, and its within your grasp

The ancients taught the process, and many teachers taught it over the centuries. Some were imprisoned, some executed. In recent years the teachings, carried by the Sufis, the mystics of Islam, were developed by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and others followed.

For three decades, Robert Egby has conducted classes and workshops on the ancient teachings. Countless times he was asked by amazed students: "Why have we had to wait until now to learn such things?" and "Why aren't they taught in our schools?" Recently, Robert came to the conclusion that an easy guide with practical exercises was needed to convey the teachings to young and old.

"The Glass Darkly" is a 2,000 year-old phrase summarizing the suffering of humanity. The good news is that there is a way to break the Glass Darkly, easily and effectively, no matter what your suffering might be. The book covers four major steps found on the path to Higher Consciousness.

(1) How to break through the Glass Darkly, that's the negative ego that plagues humanity;

(2) How to free yourself from the past and the future and live ecstatically in the Here and Now;

(3) Loving yourself unconditionally and enjoying great physical, mental and spiritual health; and

(4) Opening yourself to True Self Awareness where you can understand the Cosmos, Infinite Intelligence, work with Universal Laws, and enjoy life with all its challenges and rewards.

Is this a religious book? Not a bit. Yet you may well have a better understanding of your religion after reading it. It does open doors to your own spiritual understanding of what you are doing on Planet Earth and your role in the Universe. If there is anything you dislike in this book, simply watch your mechanical mind impartially, and note the results. Then ask yourself, "If I can watch myself thinking and reacting, who or what is the Watcher?"

Welcome to the True Self! You've started to Crack the Glass Darkly.


Robert Egby has helped thousands of people along the path to discover the powers of the True Self. He spent years traveling and observing the emotional, psychological and physical hurts of the human condition. For 13 years he worked in the war-ravaged Middle East as an international journalist. At age 24 he was an accredited British war correspondent at the Suez War. His news photos of terrorists killing in Cyprus won him an award at the British Press Pictures of the Year. He also served in broadcasting in the Middle East, and later in Germany and British Columbia.

In 1978 a spirit guide set him on a path to go beyond the study of religion into the realms of higher consciousness and work towards the True Self, the Cosmic Self. On the way he learned metaphysics, mediumship and healing and taught these in workshops and classes. On the path he discovered a tragedy: millions of people unwittingly live with conditioned, mechanical minds, daily reliving memories of past events. It was this that encouraged Robert to become an accredited hypnoanalyst and sound healer, professions he practices today to help people heal. He is also a Spiritualist trained, ordained interfaith minister living in upstate New York in the Thousand Island Region.

A Vancouver-based British medium, Patrick Young once told him: “To achieve cosmic awareness you need to get out of your own way.” This book is the result of Robert’s search to go beyond the suffering of the conditioned and mechanical mind and he shows you that there is a way out of your mechanical suffering. We can all Crack the Glass Darkly and enjoy the ecstasy of Being a part of the Cosmos beyond.


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For many people life is like riding a helter-skelter roller coaster that never ends, never stands still. The ride becomes boring and relief is found in excessive drinking, eating, watching television, not because people want to, but because many don't know how to stop the roller coaster. They don't know how to get off. (11)

Many things in these teachings are complete reversals of what you have been trained to think. (14)

This is one of the great truths: "Nothing is what it seems because you have the power to change the way you see it." (19)

The Sub-conscious has been compared to a biological computer. It is stunningly powerful with tremendous capabilities, and most people fail to use more than just a few percentage points of its capabilities. (23)

As we tread the mystic path a key lesson here is: Never make imaginative assumptions as to the nature of your Higher Self, your True Self. Allow it to surprise you. (29)

Exercise: Decide not to judge, cast an opinion, criticize anyone, including yourself for one hour. Then observe how you feel. You may be pleasantly surprised. (30)

There is no "glass darkly" in the realm of the True Self. Everything is crystal clear. You were born the True Self. (39)

It is vitally important to remember that Self Observation should always be conducted without comment, criticism, judgment, and an expression of opinion or feelings. (47)

All unhappiness results from wanting something that you cannot have, There are no exceptions. (65)

Whatever you do in your life, love yourself for doing it and you will always do the right thing. (74)

Success and failure are dangerous illusions. Eliminate conditioned beliefs about success and you will never suffer failure. (74)

Catch onto this important truth: There is only one time, and that is Here and Now. (87)

Living in the Here and Now, without the hindrance of memory or the fears of the future, allows one to see and experience everything in a new light. (89)

Allow yourself to accept cosmic truths humbly. Protect them as if they were pearls, and if you do feel like sharing them with others, watch yourself impartially as you do so. (109)

The Yogis ask: "If you are not enjoying yourself right now, when are you going to enjoy yourself?" (118)

The love force is all-powerful, all-Cosmic, all-creative. It exists within us and without. We use it and abuse it every day. (122)

If your world appears gloomy, dark and worrisome, and you live behind a batch of locks on your door, and you secretly curse the day you were born, your vibration rate is pretty low, and you are in desperate need of some love in your life. (122)

When you start to love yourself unconditionally, you will appreciate that everything that has ever happened to you has contained a lesson-an opportunity to learn. The secret is to recognize it as such. (130)

Remember, first and foremost, you do not have to ask anyone's permission to love yourself. Just do it. (133)

Whatever you imagine in your body actually happens. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and reap the benefits. (153)

Love the fools who taught you not to love yourself. (153)

If you think change is impossible, you are condemning yourself to the past. Impartially observe all resistance to change and see the difference. (153)

Everything comes out of silence. Without silence, the foundation of music and words would be lost and have no meaning. (163)

As you begin each day, living in the Here and now, enjoying the freedom and release from the old False Self, the negative ego, you will find yourself in tune with the Universe, God's Cosmos, and you will feel the pulse of that super energy. You may feel alone, but never lonely. (185)


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