The majestic ruins of this special place -- Glastonbury in Somerset, England.

A Spiritual Adventure . . .


By Robert Egby
Author, Medium, Photographer, Clinical Hypnoanalyst

Glastonbury, the Isle of Avalon and its famous Tor, tucked away amid the gently rolling hills of Somerset in England’s west country, attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

To many, it is a holy shrine. Some call it the “New Jerusalem.” Others see it as a mystical and psychic vortex. Numerous books have claimed it is the last resting place of the saints. For many years, Glastonbury’s status was an embarrassment to the Church of England. It is a giant mosaic of numerous legends--several extremely controversial.

For instance, Joseph of Arimathea, who took Christ’s body down from the Cross, is said to have fled with some of the disciples to Marseilles, crossed France (Gaul) to England, and taken refuge at Glastonbury. In 38 AD he established the first above ground Christian Church, and his evangelical center dispatched missionaries to various parts of Europe. Legend or fact? Cardinal Baronious, a prominent Vatican historian, wrote about Joseph and his party landing at Marseilles.

At its peak, Glastonbury had 2,000 people, 500 of them monks. In 1539 King Henry VIII ordered Glastonbury totally destroyed under the general Dissolution of the abbeys. Its great stones were hauled away to be used for buildings, walls and roads.

Early this century, the Church of England purchased the site, and retained a medieval architect, Frederick Bligh Bond to excavate and perhaps restore Glastonbury. Bond consulted a psychic specializing in automatic writing. A host of monks in spirit -- “Watchers from the Other Side,” -- came through with spectacular details of the old Abbey. Bond, directed by this information, went out and uncovered lost ruins. He published his findings. The Church fired him. It is only in the last few years that Bond’s work has been publicly acknowledged.

Glastonbury is known for its ancient leylines, invisible powerlines stretching across England. It’s also known for its Zodiac, a peculiar land formation spanning 12 miles. It can only be seen and appreciated from thousands of feet up. Question: Why does it exist? Was it a space signal?

Glastonbury is also the last resting place of King Arthur. His remains were found there in 1191, and reburied with ceremony under the eye of an English monarch. Arthurian legends abound at Glastonbury, and many books have been written on Arthur. In 1662 Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb was found and promptly hidden again for fear of Puritanical reactions.

In recent years, the descriptions and measurements provided by the monks in spirit to Bligh Bond have been subjected to mathematical scrutiny. The dimensions of Joseph’s original church and chapels--all circular--contain cosmic power.

For instance, the diameter of a circle positioned within a square of Joseph’s compound is 79.20 feet. Change feet to miles -- 7920 -- and you have the diameter of the Earth. There are many cosmic numbers associated with Glastonbury, such as all measurements whether in Celt, Roman, Jewish and English, all reduce to nine, a most powerful number in numerology.

I have spent many days and times trekking in and around Glastonbury. I hiked the Great Dragon Leyline at St. Michael’s Mount, and saw the haunting remains of the old Cornish mines where Joseph of Arimathea’s ships were loaded with tin supplies for the Roman army. As an award winning news photographer, I photographed “The Legends” lecture over a period of years. I enjoy sharing the color and the spectacle and the legends with those who wish to hear and see. I do not claim that all the legends are true, I simply share them, but it does warm the spiritual heart to think that they might be.

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Thanks for sharing your time. Feel free to download and print this page. If You wish to see more about Glastonbury Abbey right now, visit the Isle of Avalon website. Myths & Lengends about this place are well documented and you can find them hidden in here.

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But Glastonbury, as always,.. is a place of transformation, where new ideas birth, and higher connections are made.. We do things differently because we see things differently. This is our gift..

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