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The following 4 links are a preview of what KRAFTWERK: Introduction of Unofficial Bootleg Disks looks like. Check out this site, its great!!

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1968: Organisation
Before Kraftwerk was Kraftwerk, they were Organisation. This is a very odd album and sounds nothing like their 70's, 80's songs. I would not reccommend this for an introduction to Kraftwerk, but if you're a hardcore fan it is available on a ripped CD or on the original Album (good luck finding it).

1977: Trans-Europe Express
EXCELLENT!! One of their greatest classics, my favorite song is "Metal on Metal" because it is just like Trans-Europe Express, but it has a very kewl metal banging mix thing happenin'. This is a must get.

1. Europe Endless .1
2. THe Hall of Mirrors .2
3. Showroom Dummies .3
4. Trans-Europe Express .4
5. Metal on Metal .5
6. Franz Schubert .6
7. Endless Endless .7


1978: the Man-MACHINE
Very good album, shows their great philosophy on the relationships between man/machine, robots/humans etc. Best songs include "The Robots" and "The Model". Featured songs:

1. The Robots .1
2. Spacelab .2
3. Metropolis .3
4. The Model .4
5. Neon Lights .5
6. The Man-Machine .6


1991: The MIX
SWEET!! Finally, after having all of their classic songs being ripped off in all of the new mix songs and hip/hop, Kraftwerk caught their senses and made one of their own Mix albums. This is an excellent album to introduce to Kraftwerk to people who don't know who they are. Many of my favorites are on this.

1. The Robots .1
2. Computerlove .2
3. Pocket Calculator .3
4. Dentaku .4
5. Autobahn .5
6. Radioactivity .6
7. Trans Europe Express .7
8. Abzug .8
9. Metal On Metal .9
10. Homecomputer .10
11. Music Non Stop .11


1992: The Model- the best of Kraftwerk
Very cool, but please-instead of a best of album how about a new one?!?! And where is Computer Love, my favorite song? But all bitchin' beside; pick this one up if you don't have any of their albums, then which ever songs you like buy the album.

1. Radioactivity .1
2. Neon Lights .2
3. Showroom Dummies .3
4. The Hall of Mirrors .4
5. Antenna .5
6. The Model .6
7. Trans-Europe Express .7
8. Metal on Metal .8
9. The Robots .9
10. les Mannequins .10
11. Europe Endless .11


Overview of Kraftwerk Products:

Organisation    [I] *Tone Float [Boot]
Kraftwerk       [I]  Kraftwerk (double album of Kraftwerk 1 & 2)
Kraftwerk       [I] *Kraftwerk [Boot]
Kraftwerk       [I] *Kraftwerk 2 [Boot] 
Kraftwerk            Ralf and Florian 
Kraftwerk       [I] *Ralf and Florian [Boot]
Kraftwerk           *Autobahn 
Kraftwerk       [I] *Live in Cologne [Boot]
Kraftwerk           *Radio-Activity
Kraftwerk       [I]  Exceller 8
Kraftwerk           *Trans-Europe Express
Kraftwerk       [I]  Trans-Europa Express (Deutsche Version)
Kraftwerk            1982 Tour [Boot]
Kraftwerk           *The Man/Machine 
Kraftwerk       [I] *Die Mensch-Machine (Deutsche Version)
Kraftwerk           *Computer.World 
Kraftwerk       [I]  Computerwelt (Deutsche Version)
Kraftwerk       [I]  Electro Kinetik
Kraftwerk       [I] *Hyper Cerebral Machine [Boot]
Kraftwerk       [I] *Nippon Numbers [Boot]
Kraftwerk           *Electric Cafe
Kraftwerk       [I]  Electric Cafe (Deutsche Version) 
Kraftwerk            Robots
Kraftwerk           *The Mix 
Kraftwerk           *The Model - Retrospective 1975-1978
Kraftwerk       [I] *Heute Abend [Boot] (2 discs)
Kraftwerk       [I] *The Remix [Boot]
Kraftwerk       [I]  Ultra Rare Trax [Boot]
Kraftwerk       [I] Lebendige-Menschen [Boot] 
Kraftwerk       [I] Trancewerk Express Volume 1
Kraftwerk       [I] Trancewerk Express Volume 2
Kraftwerk       [I] Re-Mix Re-Model [Boot]
Kraftwerk            Autobahn/Morganspaziergang
Kraftwerk       [I]  Trans Europe Express/Franz Schubert
Kraftwerk            Computer Love/Numbers
Kraftwerk       [I]  Pocket Calculator/Dentaku
Kraftwerk       [I]  Mini Calculateur/Dentaku
Kraftwerk            Pocket Calculator/Dentaku
Kraftwerk            Pocket Calculator/Dentaku ]]Day-Glo Green Vinyl[[
Kraftwerk       [I]  Tour de France
Kraftwerk            Tour de France
Kraftwerk            Musique Non Stop
Kraftwerk            The Telephone Call/Der Telefon Anruf
12" Singles
Kraftwerk            Trans-Europe Express//B.B. & Q. Band       On the Beat
Kraftwerk            Showroom Dummies/Les Mannequins
Kraftwerk       [I]  The Model/Das Model
Kraftwerk       [I]  Neon Lights/Trans-Europe Express/The Model (Glows in the dark!)
Kraftwerk       [I]  Computerwelt/Nummern/Computerwelt 2
Kraftwerk       [P]  Pocket Calculator/Dentaku
Kraftwerk       [I]  Tour de France
Kraftwerk       [I]  Tour de France
Kraftwerk            Tour de France       
Kraftwerk            Musique Non Stop
Kraftwerk            The Telephone Call/House Phone/Der Telefon Anruf
Kraftwerk           *Trans-Europe Express/Les Mannequins/Showroom Dummies
Kraftwerk       [I] *Robots/Robotnik/Robotronik
Kraftwerk       [I] *Radioaktivitat/Radioactivity
Kraftwerk            Radioactivity
Kraftwerk           *The Robots/Showroom Dummies/Les Mannequins/Spacelab
Kraftwerk           Man, Machine, and Music

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