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Empires in Arms

July 12, 2001 News:
David Swithers wrote to tell me that the EiA tourney at World Boardgame Championships (formerly AvalonCon) needs more players! So mark your calenders for next year to pack your bags and head on over to Hunt Valley, Maryland (just north of Baltimore - the inner harbor is a great place to visit, by the way!). For those who want to know, Jeff Slater of Minnesota won this year, his third time in five years! And he won playing Spain, if you can believe that! Hooray for the underdog! :-) Though David does say his Dutch allied fleet managed to run the British blockade and won three battles in the Channel before Nelson chased him back into Amsterdam, but this daring move enabled the French navy to sail freely out of Cadiz [how'd it get there?] and up into the Channel.
David also says there is talk of an EiA only world championship, separate from the World Boardgame Championships. I'll post more details as I receive them.

May 4, 2001 News:
Having talked to several people over the past several months, as far as anybody can tell, the EiA mailing list is dead. Nobody is quite sure when, why or how this happened, but sending messages to the list address definitely yields no results. There is, however, appearently something at but as you can see, that is, which I refuse to have anything to do with :-P

September 19, 2000 News:
The webring has now officially moved to If you are here through any other means, you can access the entire ring by going to

DO NOT attempt to join this webring via Yahoo!

I refuse to sign up with Yahoo so I can't delete the ring from their listing, so it will continue to show up there. And they have their own independent "join" option which requires you to register with them yourself. I still receive notification of such attempts to join, so I will add any pages received thusly to the Bomis ring, but not to the Yahoo ring. You can submit URLs to the Bomis ring, but you don't have to register for anything - the way it should be!

June 13, 2000 News:
The ftp site seems to be down, but there is an FAQ available at
That's about it, really. Everything else continues on as before.

This page is dedicated to Empires in Arms, and serves as the home of the EiA web ring. I just threw this up quickly to get the ring started, but please be sure to visit the ftp site, Web Grognards, and the other web ring sites, which are fully developed and contains lots of Good Stuff! (tm)
I realize that some of the links on the webring are broken - I have contacted the owners and hopefully all broken links will be fixed Real Soon (tm)!

New Feature! natively supports polls, making it trivial to make them available. So now there will now be occasional polls about various EiA issues. Time for a new poll! I'll list them in chronological order with the newest poll at the top.
If you have an issue you'd like to see polled, let me know and I will add it to the list!

Take a look at some rules I've developed for solitaire EiA. Completely unplay-tested... ;-)
Comments welcome!

I'm also working on a computer game based on EiA!
Status of the EiA computer game (08/12/98):

I have gotten together with a good friend of mine (who is easily the best programmer I have ever met :-) to create a computer game based on Avalon Hill's Empires in Arms board game.

Our current plans are to release the game in two stages:

  1. A scenario mode version, and
  2. A campaign mode version
Both modes will feature network play, AI for any or all of the players, where the AI will actually be able to learn and become better the more it plays, and the ability for players to create their own scenarios/campaigns.

As well, all the optional rules will be available, and if there is enough interest, we will also include hidden movement and simultaneous movement rules, and possibly even the historical national aspirations rules.

But, at the moment, we are really just in the design phase, and since we are both doing this in our spare time, progress will likely be fairly slow. So don't expect to have it next week :-P

Be sure to tune in here for future updates!

12/16/99 Update time
Ok, so I'm no longer really working on the EiA game. I'm working at a game company, Holistic Design, Inc. and have made efforts to convince the others here that we should develop such a game with the company. Unfortunately, no success to date. But if there were to be a "write-in" campaign to the company, with enough demand/pressure maybe something might happen :-)

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