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This page was built by all of the poultry and animal lovers who enjoy their sense of humor as much as they enjoy their birds. This is a very free-spirited place to visit if you are looking for information regarding any aspect of raising poultry. It's also a great place to tell a story about yourself,  your family, or your pets. It's an egggcellent place to let your hair down and lift your spirits up. If you are a new visitor, welcome to our little piece of cyber-space! I'm sure you'll become a regular in no time!
 The PPIE Main Message Board - This is the "Heart and Soul" of the PPIE family! This is the most user friendly poultry message board on the entire web. Come on in and browse through our questions and answers. Feel free to jump right in with you own comments! If you have a question, ask it! If you have an answer to one of the questions, by all means post it! The messages on this page last for five days, so come back and check often.
The PPIE Chat Room - This is the place to go for some lighthearted conversation. Every once in a great while a poultry related subject pops up! But the room was put up for general conversing, so there are no rules regarding topic. Just visit with one another and have fun! Always open... no set hours.... so  if you get there and find yourself all alone, wait 5 or 10 minutes. Someone is bound to drop in!

 The PPIE Frequently Asked Questions Page - We never did come up with a "real" FAQ page concerning poultry, so until such a time as we get a "real" FAQ page, I'll merely substitute "eggghead's Answers to the Ladies Most Frequently Asked Questions About Men". Enjoy!

 The PPIE Links Page - The name kinda says it all. We have attempted to put together a very comprehensive links page concerning any and all aspects of poultry. Please send an e-mail if you know of a page we've missed that belongs here. Commercial links are welcome! Also, let us know of any 'dead' links.

The PPIE Guestbook/Biography Board Page - Come on in! Read a little something about the people who hang out here a lot. This is probably the most fun loving, bird loving, animal loving group to ever assemble in one place on the world wide web! After you decide that this is your kind of place, jot down a little something about yourself.  Just a reminder: The messages on this page are automatically whisked away into cyber-space at the end of 180 days! You have to come back and re-invent yourself every six months!
Please Note: We are not listed on any of the major search engines as of yet. If you want to come back and visit, you had better bookmark this page now!

Oh, yeah! My name is eggghead (that's with a small "e", 3 "g's"). I'm the "Page Moderator".
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