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FULL NAME: Tristan Arista ShadowFire
ALIGNMENT: chaotic
HAIR COLOR: dark brown
EYE COLOR: jade green
AGE: 28, but who can tell with fae
HEIGHT: 5'7"

APPEARANCE: The two barely visible slash marks that were upon her high cheekbones at one time and signified her as a Giest Oman are now gone, as is her long, dark brown hair. After the ritual bringing her into the Slayer Clan the dragon blood that was infused with her own turned those brown tresses to a shimmering silver, wisps curling around her delicately featured face and the rest held back by a silver dragon barrette falling in soft waves down to the middle of her back. Her deep jade eyes look out from under thick lashes and seem at times to look into your soul. Her pale skin is offset by a gentle flush to her cheeks when she is drawn into conversations that she would much rather prefer to observe than take place in.

She wears a black backless halter top revealing the delicately tatooed wings upon her shoulders and a crimson symbol near her heart, tight black leathers that are tucked into a pair of black steel-toed boots and a dark hooded cloak. Around her neck an ebony necklace which transforms at a touch to shadowarmor, upon her right ring finger is a silver engagement band edged in black with a glittering red diamond set in it.

Her battle attire consists of: Soft black tanned elven boots, a black form fitting tunic and leggings, the glitter of ebony chain mail she wears over her tunic helps her pass through the shadows nearly unseen.

WEAPONS: Around her thigh is belted a dagger, a gift from Taz, inlaid with diamond and sapphire and mother of pearl. It splits to form two, or can be crossed and used in an "X" formation for double attacks.
A most cherished set of perfectly balanced lapis handled daggers from Raven rest hidden upon her person, attainable at a moment's notice.

POWERS: Her unique heritage has given her the ability to do the following: *Whispers of the Fae* ~ She can hear the whisperings of the fae present in every living thing, from a blade of grass to mountains and lakes... *Elemental Shaping* ~ With a thought a spiked stone can erupt from the ground, vines and branches entangle, wooden spears fly from the depths of a forest, and water, wind and fire spouts summoned at will.

*ShadowWalking* ~ Inherited from her father's side she can literally step within the shadow world and move about it freely, entering one shadow and exiting through another at any distance or location from where she began.

*Shadow Manipulation* ~ She can weild shadows as weapons, restraints or shields, them having the same substance as any solid object.



She also at one time had been infused with a shadow dragon's blood givng her a telepathic link to any of those species she should run across. However, at the moment is prone to hallucinations because of being stripped of the powers granted to her by the dark Sidhe Lord when she relinquished her role as Champion to their court. Unless she is "balanced" the hallucinations will slowly grow worse until she no longer knows what is real and what is not.

HISTORY: her only early memories of her parents is a dim one of what she calls her 'angel' mama, a feather she holds is now all that remains of her. When she was around eight her mother disappeared and she took to wandering the forests and towns of RhyDin, becoming a street waif surviving by thieving and learning her fighting skills by watching those who sparred in the RhyDin spar rings. She was taken in by Fabian ShadowFire when he found her in a RhyDin cemetery at about the age of 13. She learned she had a family and she slowly began to let down her defenses that had built up the many years she had been alone. She also learned what proved to be a painful lesson when she came face to face with the one who had once been her father, Cadash Avari RavenShadow, now possessed by the Demon Lord Taltos. A meeting in which her grandmother Rose saved her from him and she has since both feared and hated him for what he has done to her family.  She came to look upon Fabian ShadowFire as a surrogate father and he taught how to use her natural fae talents and trained her in the ways of the Giest Knights. He brought her before Vryce and she was taken as Vryce's own.  At the completion of her training by Fabian he left her to face Cadash, ordering her not to follow him, and once again lost a father...her heart and soul forever scarred by he who gave her life, she waits for the opportunity to repay both him and the ancients for the hurt caused to her family by them.  It was then she came upon Ghaleon and hearing the name Arakai, she knew her place was on Rezza'lluk. Within that place of destruction she found her eternal, Zenus the Amkai Hunter and had come closer to finding the meaning of what Fabian once told her..."you are the Savior of the ShadowFire Clan". She survived the battles of Rezza... and came back to RhyDin to find herself hired on as a bodyguard to Taz, RunningWild but that was shortlived though she found herself in one scrape after another. For a while she roamed restlessly in RhyDin then was sent word of the Family Nyte reclaiming their kingdom of Avaria. She will not speak of what happened there, but the woman that returned was far different than the child that left. She found the burden her powers placed upon her and how she was supposed to be impartial... not stepping in and interfering in mortal affairs and slowly she began to withdraw. Her feelings became locked up within her until one day while gazing out upon the sea she beheld the Captain Aric ShadowFire. Just as she began to think that there was a chance for happiness for her, once again her theory of "it's easier to fight when you have nothing to lose" proved true. Aric gone, Lord Bryan Nyte returned and the Ancients threatening RhyDin once again. Love does not seem to hold a place in her world, only pain and death and this time she swears it will be the Ancients, the curse of the ShadowFire's, to feel her wrath.
Her mate vanished, her will and resolve sorely tested as the stirrings of life began within her Tristan devised a plan to destroy the Ancient's rings of power with her fae teacher that hinged upon the aide of a shadow of the night. The unborn children taken from her by her sidhe kindred after a battle that threatened their lives, with the assurance that no matter her fate they would survive. "Those who are most dangerous are those with nothing left to lose" and finding herself in such a state, she set her plan in motion. Memories erased, only able to be triggered at a later time if all else succeeded, she was taken by the Demon Lord. Lulled into believing they had the savior child twisted to their own desires, the others struck. First one ring destroyed, then the second, taking with it the life of Letha Anakai ShadowFire, the second to be sacrificed. The battle for the third and remaining was fought between Magnis and she. Barely escaping with her life after sealing the Ancients within their realm, the tide once again turned in Vryce's favor... but at what a cost. Aric, Fabian's son, dead by Tristan's own hands... Letha, daughter of Shaden, dead when an implosion destructed the ring she guarded believing it hinged upon Tristan's life. They had won... but to Tristan the price to pay was far too dear.
Her recuperation of both body and spirit was a slow, painful one. Her soulmate returned and she realized that soon the time was to come where she needed to cross the veil and reclaim that which was theirs. Three lives depended on her strength and her understanding of just who and what she was. A trial commenced.. kin killing kin a most grievous crime amongst the sidhe. In the end she found she fought herself, though barely winning the truths she faced struck deep. Her punishment was to be after the children were born she owed a servitude of eight fae years to them. She would not speak of the time speant there but it haunted her dreams for years to come.
She joined the Slayer Clan and turned her back forever upon Vryce. Finally able to be true to herself and not be what everyone else expected her to be, she found happiness once again. Yet it was shortlived as the legends of the betrayal and death of the head of the Clan came true. Her heart died with him and even though their loved called him back from the darkness, that last piece of light that dwelt inside disappeared. She has come to expect the unexpected and embraced the darker side of her soul. Her family, her friends, her guild she now protects fiercely... chosen by the Unseelie as champion, forced into it by happenstance.. the Ancients try yet again to push past the barrier that traps them ...but this time she will stop at nothing till they are dust upon the black sands of Gentara.
The cards dealt, the last hand played, and for once she stepped away from the table without turning them over. Disheartened and alone, she slowly began to withdraw back to the realm of her 'employers' more and more. In a twist of fate, one of the Unseelie Princes "gifted" her with what seemed to be a ~mortal~ male to keep her company. And so Artemis Oberon appeared in her life, meeting in the fae realm while under the guise of "Angel" hiding from a Lich who had forced her hand in a farce handfasting. Soon afterwards he met the true 'Tristan'... and as she refused betray him to those who petittioned one she served she realized how deeply she loved him. Not quite sure when nor how, but Artemis had won her trust and stolen her heart and right now the fate of her very sanity rests within his hands.

Last edited 1/14/2000

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