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The name of the ship is Cylinder. That is its shape. Its size is immense. It has a ten meter thick outer shell of lead to protect it. This shell is what gives the cylinder its outer shape. The command center is also cylindrical in shape. All power comes from ten neutron stars in its center aligned in a row. Surrounding the neutron stars are power absorbing rings called rotons. These rings spin counter to each other. They absorb energy from the stars. They spin the energy around at more than half the speed of light. These rings bring together the energy causing it to collided head on. Since the speed of each is more than half the speed of light, the energy from each counter rotating roton meets at speeds greater than that of the speed of light. This energy is then used to convert matter from the neutron stares into energy. This energy is used to propel the cylinder, and destroy any thing it emits this energy to.

NOTE > from The New SPACE Encyclopedia A Guide to Astronomy and Space Exploration E. P. DUTTON & CO., INC. NEW YORK Copyright 1969

NEUTRON STARS. Stars composed of the neutral elementary particles, neutrons, tightly packed together and behaving as degenerate matter. They are formed by evolution of white dwarf stars.

Stars must collapse so much before the pressure at the center becomes high enough for neutrons to be formed that a neutron star's radius is only about 10 km. < END NOTE

So this cylinder is moving through space. Its enemy is a sphere. If you have trouble imagining the size of the cylinder you will not be able to imagine the size of the sphere. The cylinder can fly inside the sphere. This sphere comes from hell. It can cause all of space around it to vibrate out of phase. This disrupts every thing near it to the atomic level. Fortunately the cylinder can produce a shield from the energy it produces. The rotons cause the energy from the neutron stars to collide at speeds faster than that of light. This produces sub atomic particles that are not affected by the disruption of the sphere.

The commands given to the Cylinder are as follows.

MAIN SEQUENCE - This powers up the rotons, ship's energy level at maximum.
PREPARE - To prepare a weapon or maneuver for execution, must give name of weapon or maneuver.
RELEASE - Given to execute the use of a weapon previously prepared.
DESTROY - Self explanatory, what ever it takes, fire all weapons.
DESTROY ALL CYLINDERS - Given in desperate circumstances when all appears to be lost, or the situation is overwhelming. This places the rotons at maximum energy out put, all weapons are fired at will. No consideration is made for the ship (its stability or structure)

SPACE NORMAL SPEED - Cylinder accelerates slowly, below the speed of light.
MOTION - Cylinder accelerates beyond the speed of light.
PLA DRIVE - Cylinder accelerates rapidly beyond the speed of light.
BEEN THERE - Speed so fast it gets the Cylinder where you want to be making you think you were there already.

ROTON EMISSION - Energy released from the neutron stars.
ROTONIC BLAST - A short powerful blast of roton emission.
CONDENSER - Roton energy, compressed into a highly dense sphere. Usually a separate device is launched in front of the Cylinder to collect the roton emission.
ION STORM - Release of ions into space to disrupt enemies' ship, and weapons. Ions are emitted from the entire ship like a cloud.
IONIC BLAST - A short blast of ions directed at a particular target.

ABSOLUTE - Converts the Cylinder into energy, making it invincible. There is no known defense against the Cylinder in this state. This uses so much energy that the Cylinder can not stay in this state for long.