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I took my son and his friend to the Blue Hole on Labor Day and found some interesting things. First, we found out that the bottom of the Blue Hole, at least around the edges, is like quicksand. My son made this discovery purely by accident when he got too close to the edge, maybe not as much of an accident as we thought!

Later, as we walked the edge of the Blue Hole, we found several bones, probably just deer bones, or so we told ourselves. They were fairly large, and there were plenty of them! Maybe they were too close to the edge too!
From the far side of the Blue Hole, we noticed that you cannot see the bottom, is it possibly true that it is bottomless? We weren't willing to find out!

While we were walking the surroundings, a strange thing happened, all of our bikes crashed to the ground! Nobody else was there, at least not that we could see, and the bikes were far enough apart that they could not have possibly knocked each other over. Very strange indeed!

After that, we were a little anxious to leave, so we did! As we did, we noticed a deer skull of a hanging in a tree at the trail that leads to the Blue Hole. Another strange discovery!

As we exited the trail onto the road we saw several large bags on the ground. We wondered what was in them, but were too freaked out to even approach them! With all the stories and legends of the Blue Hole, we didn't want to find out!

We never did find the building that was talked about, but we did find the remains of what we think was that building. There were bricks, wood and other building materials scattered about a 40ft area! Maybe the Jersey Devil realized the traps that used to be inside were for him!

**This article was written by another brave person who risked life and limb to visit the Blue Hole-Kevin S. Lovern
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