Well folks, the time has come to move on. I don't think there was an official "break-up" point, it was just basically a mutually understood feeling between band members that it was over. I, Jay, would like to take the time to thank Eddie, Scott, Jimbo and John for about 2 years of really good times. I don't think we ever realized our potential, but we had a damn good time trying. Keep an eye out for former members of Almost Brave in their new projects.

Eddie is now the lead singer of Outline, an absolutely amazing punk rock band mainly from northern NJ. They have a record called "A Boy Can Dream" set to be released on June 26, 2001 by Triple Crown Records.

John is playing drums in a new band called Estella, a female-vocal led emo band that is currently playing shows all over NJ. Check them out if you ever get the chance.

Scotty is now playing guitar in a hardcore band called Gibbler. How bout that boys and girls, Scotty Mac (who was always trying to slip his "edgy" riffs into Almost Brave songs) has gotten his wish and is connecting with his metal roots.

Jimmy, yeah, remember good ol' Jimbo? He's still pursuing rock-stardom, be on the lookout for some solo stuff as he has recently put together a new professional studio. He's also always looking for the right people to start a band with, so if you're interested email him here.

We would all like to extend our warmest thanks to anyone who has ever seen us play or supported us in any way, we hope you had as much fun listening to our stuff as we did playing it. "Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions". Poison rules.