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Worthless People That Need To Go Away...

Things that make a person worthless

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I dedicate this page to all the worthless people out there. Without you people, the world would be exactly the same, if not better. The contents of this page will consist of a list of worthless people, and a short description of what makes their existance virtually non-existant. It will almost be like my Profilez of the broke & shameless page, except, it will not have people that I like listed on it, and it will not be limited to people I know personally.

My first attack is aimed at a person that is no stranger to this site, and the embarrasment it can cause. In fact, I make fun of her so much, I'm surprised I haven't run out of Jokes yet.

  • Sarah-If anyone should have died in a plane crash over the weekend, it should have been her. The only thing this girl is good for is a quick f^ck, and I heard she isn't even good at that. All this girl does is follow her ex boyfriend (Smitty) around, and talk shit. She obviously has noting to do with her evenings, because she drives by Smitty's house every night, honks the horn, and gives us the finger. The next time I catch her doing that, I'm going to pull her out of the car, and smash her head with a rock. No one around her likes her, and it's not hard to see why, she has a worse attitude than one of those fat obnoxious midwestern women you always see on shows like Jerry Springer complaining that noone does anything for them. This girl is the leader of the entire Chickenhead race, but I have to say that even your common barnyard chicken has more use than Sarah. Chickens lay eggs, and are used for food, Sarah tries to lay everything, and if someone tried to eat her, they'd more than likely get samonella.
  • My second attack is aimed at some of the people I work with. I am unable to mention any names, because if I do, I'll probably get fired, so I'll just call her Bonehead.

  • Bonehead is a direct employee of one of our clients. I (along with six or seven other people) am a consultant. The tile that Bonehead holds is E-Mail Administrator. Basically her job consists of creating, and maintaining our E-mail system, and handling high level support issues. My job is to field lower level support issues, and report high level problems to her. The problem occurrs when I come to a point where I need some assistance from her, and she shovels her workload off to someone else that can't help me. I'm not even joking when I say that all this woman does is walk around, drink coffee, and sleep in her office. This wouldn't bother me if someone fired her, or at least mentioned to her that she has to do her job once in a while. She makes a shitload of money, and does absolutely nothing. When we do manage to get these things done without her support, she takes credit. If by chance, we can't fix it, we take all the heat for it until she steps in, does the work she was supposed to do in the first place, and then takes the credit for it anyway, without so much as a thank you for us. This woman defines worthlessness in the corporate workplace...