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Vacations and Pointless Roadtrips

This page was put here to show you all what i do when I have nothing better to do! I will be placing pictures and info about my road trips as time goes on. Unfortunately, some of the trips that have already taken place do not have any pictures because I forgot to bring the camera. I also be putting up pictures of the people that accompany me on my many pointless journeys, and the vehicles we use.

Cancun, Mexico, 1998

  • This was a much needed vacation that we took in July 1998. There were 18 people that came with us, but the key players were Smitty, his cousin Chrissy, Big bad Billy, and myself. If you've never been to cancun, I would suggest going, and don't bring your significant other, because you'll probably break up. There will be more pictures as soon as I scan them, so hold your horsenuts!
  • Niagra Falls/Toronto, Canada 1998

  • Me and Smitty took a trip to Canada on Labor Day weekend for the hell of it. It took us 8 hours to drive there in the middle of the night, so we stopped in Buffalo for Breakfast. When we got to Canada, we were immediately pulled over by customs, and searched. The only things they found were some old porno magazines that Smitty had in his backpack. When we finally got into Canada, we started looking for sleezy motels to stay at, and we found a bunch. We actually walked into one, and the fat Indian man with the British accent referred us to the cheaper motels up the road. We pulled into the lovely Arkona Motel, 8450 Lundy's Lane, Niagra Falls. We were greeted by the owners, Harry and Gary Sohal, who were more than happy to let us stay at their fine establishment. Canada is fun because you only have to be 19 to drink and gamble, so we were plastered and broke after the first night. It wasn't until the next day that we realized that we had pimps whores and drug dealers in the building with us, it was tons-o-fun. We picked up a couple of girls later that night, who drank all our beer, and passed out in our beds. I know what you're thinking, but we were perfect gentlemen, Smitty even let them use some of HIS toothpaste in the morning. We also got the chance to head out to the Skydome and check out a Bluejays game. We paid $20 Canadian for tickets, and had pretty decent seats. The Jay's were playing the Redsox, so we got a chance to see Roger Clemens pitch against his old team. If my memory serves me correctly, he had somewhere between 9 and 13 strikeouts that day. I must admit that I have major beef with Canadian baseball fans, they suck. If this game was at Yankee Stadium, and the Rocket threw 9 k's, people in the stands would be hanging from the rafters, the people at the Skydome clapped their hands for a minute and then shut up. I just don't understand shit like that, I guess that's why the Rocket wants to be traded. The Stadium was so quiet, I made a call in the middle of the 5th inning while sitting in my seat. (I wouldn't recommend calling NJ from Canada on a cellular phone with roaming charge$$$)
  • After our swift ride of 115 MPH down the Queen Elizabeth Highway in the Prelude, we couldn't get our room unlocked. Evidently, locks don't work the same in Canada as they do in New Jersey. Before I knew it, I saw Smitty shoulder blocking our window. Luckily that worked, he was able to knock the sliding window out of the track. We didn't have as much luck with the screen, as he wound up diving straight through it, but none the less, we got in, put the window back, and disposed of the broken screen. To top off the weekend, the day we left, Someone took a dump in our bathtub, and all I'm saying is that it wasn't me. My crap doesn't look like oversized rabbit shit.
  • The Skydome
  • Niagra Falls
  • What the easter bunny left for us.
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  • Virginia Beach, VA 1999

  • My Memorial Day weekend sucked. We went to Virginia Beach. Let me just tell you, that if Newark were a shorepoint, it would be Virginia Beach. I'm not being prejudice, I'm just being real, I think I could have found more white girls in Africa. Besides that, our hotel was under construction, our pool was out of order, we got 1 bucket of ice, and the machine broke, somebody pissed in the elevator, somebody shit in the elevator (twice), our Jacuzzi shot rusty water, we never even saw housekeeping they wouldn't give us extra parking spots, my friend's suburban blew up, I got 2 tickets, NO ASS, Bush Gardens Closes at 10:00 (we didn't get there till 6:00), somebody stole our football, the beach was dirty, the water was cold, and I had a blowout on the way home. Other than that, I guess you could say it was ok.
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    More road trips will be put up soon, I'm too lazy to do it now.