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I Felt like creating a new page, so GO TO HELL if you got a problem with it.

A lot of strange things have been going on in the world lately, so I figured I'd put my 2 cents in...HEEEERE WE GO!!!


I am really getting sick of this "NO SCRUBS" shit. First off, you got 3 Chickens with horsehair weaves, and I think one of them has Herpes or some kind of VD. Not to mention the one they call Left Eye burnt down NFL star Andre Rison's house. How are they gonna talk about scrubs, one's got a dirty snatch, one's an arsonist, and god only knows what the third one's got wrong with her. If they were guest stars on "MARTIN" they'd be friends of Shanaynay. Their names would be Toniqua, Latisha, and Chickenita. They got about as much class as a high school being checked for asbestos in August.


What the hell is wrong with the NYPD? I watch NYPD Blue all the time, and it's not as real as you think. I think there's more NY police officers than there are troops in Yugoslavia. Most of em just stand around on the street, there's like 2 on every corner in Midtown Manhattan. There's too damn many of them, so they have low salaries, which makes them mad. This aggression then gets taken out on anyone they think looks like a suspect. Next thing you know someone's got a plunger stuck up their ass sideways, or an unarmed man gets shot 42 times by cops while entering his apartment building. Shit is too Damn crazy, don't hire cops, if you can't pay them enough to keep em happy. Cops that do shit like that should rot in hell!


Littleton, CO. First off I would like to express my deepest regrets to everyone that lost someone in that whole fiasco. Something was really wrong with those kids, and they chose to take the weak way out. Believe it or not, I wasn't the coolest kid in high school, in fact there was a major portion of my school that I couldn't stand. Kids I was friends with in elementary school wouldn't hang out because I didn't play football. I had some friends, but I basically didn't bother acknowledging anyone else. On the daily, I'd have some jock yelling in my face because I bumped him while he was going for a layup, or I threw the football into the river and started laughing. I took occurrences like that and counted them as small victories for myself. To see someone driven to the point of (Roid) rage over a wet football was funny to me. But I never killed anyone. I dealt with my frustration through alternate methods. I used to be in a band, I met a lot of people in the same boat as me, and found somewhere where I could go to cope. I wrote lyrics and music, and used that as my way OUT, if other people hear it, they're hearing my story, not instructions on how to blow up your high school. As much as I hate Marilyn Manson, you can't blame his music for what these kids did. No one ordered them to do it, THEY made the decision.


The Press makes me sick. These people are just as bad as they seem in movies. All they do is exploit people, twist words, and ruin lives, not to mention give out shitty weather reports. There's some things you just don't do, like show the body of a wounded student being dragged to safety, or getting up in a person's face minutes after they found out someone close to them was dead. These people have no f^cking hearts, and they're all gonna burn.


Are we still at war??? With how many countries??? Something's seriously going wrong when you bomb a country the size of a McDonalds hamburger every day for a month, and they don't give up. My solution, and I'll quote myself on this "Go in and kill the leader, if that doesn't work, imprison the entire government, and let the sane people start their own."


For all of those who haven't heard, John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash over the weekend of 7\16-7\18\98. I'm sure there's gonna be people running areound hollering about how there's some kind of conspiracy or scandal behind his death. Granted he was a Kennedy, and they do have a history of suspicious, yet tragic events in their family tree, stupidity was to blame in this case. JFK Jr (AKA John John)was by no means an experienced pilot. It was said that he only had 100 hours of flight experience, which is not enough to fly over water, at night, through fog and haze. Ask a professional pilot what he would do in that situation, and they'd probably tell you, know your instrumentation, or stay home until morning. I saw something on the news the other day, it was the radar report that was tracking JFK's plane. The report clearly showed that he was having problems dealing with the flight conditions. His altitude reflected that of a 90 year old wino driving an old Cadillac down a street with no lines painted on it. He also had an injured foot, which at times of distress can add to the distraction, and he was flying with 2 women in the plane.(if that's anything like driving with 2 women in the car, I feel bad for the guy) Anyway, I guess what I'm saying, is if any of you little "Conspiracy Freaks" comes hollering to me about JFK, be warned that I am prepared to tear you up verbally, and\or physically (if you get on my nerves). Now in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."


Woodstock... Like every other thing that's been dragged on for too long, Woodstock has now Joined the ranks of Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elmstreet, and New Wave Music on the shelf of traditions that should have stopped after the first. I did not attend Woodstock this year, nor did I attend Woodstock 2, and i wasn't even alive for the first one.(But i'm sure it wasn't meant for sequels) The reason I didn't go is because I just can't phathom the Idea of a corporate based Woodstock. It was probably put together by some Yupee with a big $ in his eyes. I could see it now "Hey man, after we finish this 'Doobie' why don't we have a Woodstock anniversary party. We could get a bunch of different bands that have a good song or two on the radio, show pictures of people getting tattoos and piercings, get a big "MOSH PIT",charge $100-$150 per ticket, then I can buy a new Volvo and a private plane. From what I saw on TV, this year's Woodstock was jam packed with Jocks and Ex-Jocks jumping around and "MOSHING" (Yeah Dude!!)in the mud. 4 Years ago when I saw Korn opening for Biohazard and House of Pain, and no one looked anything like that Woodstock crowd. In fact, one of the guys from Korn admitted to not liking the kids outside that were yelling things like "KORN RULES, MAN" and "KORN ROCKS...YEAH." For that, I still respect Korn, and if you ask a lot of the other "Super Bands" the'll all probably say how it feels good to play in front of thousands of screaming fans, but they miss playing in front of 200 people in the same boat as them. (This is where the saying "Keepin It Real" comes into play.) I don't know, to wrap it up I'll Just say This "Woodstock, Good for the bands, full of fake fans, & most of the money's in the Promoters Hands." I Hope you crash your private jet yupee scum.