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It is done!!! Check it out!

This updated roster patch contains all of the recent transactions (like McGwire to Cardinals) and missing players, such as Deion Sanders and Jose Cruz Jr. It was made by Julien Cormier and, Joey Eng.

The 1992 and 1993 Roster patch is here!!!

*My Dream Team Roster patch is here go to Nicks Site!!

*Braiden has created a patch that adds Brent Neilson and Eric Kiss to Philadelphia's bench, they are then usable under all game modes, Derby, etc...

*NEW* My new patch is puts the EA dream team on the Devil Rays When you try to play them it will ask you to do the draft, Say yes. It will expand the rooster.

The Demo for Triple Play 98.

Ea Dream Team Free Agent Patch I am sorry there is not a lot of mem on my site. If you click on it it will take you to his downloads site.