You can email me your schedule at rogerbeckwith@comcast

How to get listed on the ROADHOUSE REPORT


You can email me your schedule at

Just send me all dates that you have, at least 2 weeks in advance, as well as any updates, changes and cancellations. I know that stuff happens, but if I notice a pattern of erroneous listing from you, it may result in my refusal to put your dates on my site. We here at The Roadhouse Report strive to be accurate.

Clubs..Please keep in mind that I need dates 2 weeks in advance. If there is a pattern of lapses in your schedule or you regularly neglect to send me your monthly schedule until after the start of the month, it may result in you not getting your dates on my site.

Bands..Please do not add me to your mailing list. I do not want to receive all the reminders for single dates that so many of you send out to your fans and friends. If I print out the schedule for myself, I do not need to see a half page of email addresses.

If I place your dates on The Roadhouse Report or place a link to your site on The Roadhouse Report, it seems to me that the least you could do, is to place a link to The Roadhouse Report on your site, if you have one. This is not a requirement, just common courtesy, in my opinion.