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Good evening. As the more perceptive of you have probably figured out by now, this is Hell. I will be your host. I am, of course, the Devil, but you may call me Toby... We like to keep it informal here, as well as infernal (hehe.. a little joke). Now I hand the tour over to you... Adolf, and I'll see all of you later on at the barbecue.

Welcome to SATAN'S SCRIPT-O-RAMA... one hell of a script archive. These scripts have been amassed through both the scanning and transcribing of my own personal hard copys of scripts, and the rape and pillage of other script archives. Would you expect any less from the official home of the "Prince of Darkness"?
All of our scripts here have been zipped for your downloading convience. Be sure to check us out quite often, because we, in hell, tend to update whenever we damn well please.

Be sure to check this out:

From the derranged minds of Frank L. Foster and Aaron M. Lane comes the final chapter in the Batman saga! This script also contains the origins of Kevin Smith's Dynamic Duo BLUNTMAN & CHRONIC!

The 5th Element
Imagine if Star Wars and Dune got together did the nasty, and their child turned out to be French. If these unlikely events ever took place, you'd get the 5th Element! Trust me, the 5th Element makes far more sense if you saw the first four elements first!

bigfuckinspace bigfuckinspace
Alien Resurrectionbigfuckinspace Alien Vs Predator

The Avengers
The script to that new flick about an old tv series that no one remembers starring Sean Connery and Uma Thurman.

Back to the Future
The rough draft featuring the adventures of "Pro" and Marty in 1952 and their time traveling refrigerator powered by the atomic bomb.

Basic Instinct
`Gotta wonder if "shove camera up Sharon's crotch" is listed in the scene descriptions. Only one way to find out...!

sp sp Batman Fearlesssp

The Big Lebowski

Blade Runner

The Breakfast Club

Citizen Kane

A Clockwork Orange


Dazed and Confused

The Evil Deadspace space Medieval Dead: The Army of Darkness

Evil Dead 2: Unaired MST 3000 Version


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A Few Good Men

Freddy vs. Jason
The Final climactic battle between Evil and... eh, um... Evil!

The Fugitive

Get Shorty

The Godfather

The rough story treatment.

Halloween `98

space Highlander - The Final Dimension: Rough Draft

In Bed With Madonna

Raiders of the Lost Arkspace Temple of Doomspace Last Crusade
Sons of Darkness
NOTE: Sons of Darkness was the rejected rough draft to the upcoming Indy 4.

Interview with the Vampire

The Terminatorspace Terminator 2: Judgement Dayspace

Jerry Maguire

Rough Draft

Dogmabigspace Superman Lives


Lost Highway

Rough Draftbigspace Production Draft

Monty Python and the Holy Grailspace Monty Python's Life of Bryan

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Princess Bride

From Dusk `till Dawnspace Natural Born Killersspace Jackie Brownspace Reservoir Dogs

space space Scream 3: Opening Sequence


Shallow Grave

Star Trek II-The Wrath of Khanbigfuckinspace Star Trek VI-The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek-Generations

Journal of the Whills: Original Story Treatment

The Star Wars: Rough Draft

Starkiller: Second Draft

Adventures of Luke Starkiller: Third Draft
Star Wars - A New Hope: Production Draft


Rough Story Synopsis


Fourth Draft

Production Draft


Unrevised Second Draft

Revised Second Draft

NOTE: Revenge of the Jedi is a very rare unrevised second draft featuring a dark alternate ending and several cut scenes. I suggest you check it out!

THX 1138

Tomb Raider

Top Gun


Transformers: The Movie

The Usual Suspects


The Wizard of Oz

Young Frankenstein


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