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La Barra Brava
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En Español
Welcome to La TRINCHERA U NORTE, This page is dedicated to all the Universitario fanatics around the world that throughout the internet seek for the latest news of their favorite soccer team: Universitario de Deportes.

Hi!, my name is Ricardo Grande and I was born in Lima, Peru and raised in the Peruvian barrio of La Victoria. Soccer has always been my favorite sport since I was a kid and this pasion has also been expressed to la "U" (the best peruvian soccer team), that is the reason why I have made this page to those who share this idea. In this page you will find a section of internet search engines, links to peruvian newspapers and peruvian radio stations. You will also be able to listen to the "goles" made by Universitario with Real Audio.
. Feel 100% free to tell me what you think of this page or any suggestion about it by E-mailing me at and don't forget to sign my guestbook, thanx and enjoy your visit!.


Check out my seccion Nirvana , here you'll find information about spanish and english rock music as well as pretty cool midi files.


Check out also my section Soccer Stories and read some stoies posted by Universitario fans around the globe, you too can post your soccer story (the stories are currently in spanish, but if you want to write your soccer story in inglish, that's fine).


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Volveremos Volveremos, Volveremos otra vez, Volveremos a ser CAMPEONES!!! y a la copa otra vez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LATEST NEWS: UNIVERSITARIO is the champion of the Torneo Apertura!!!!!!!!! Before a huge crowd (45000 spectadors) Universitario won his last game in the first half of the peruvian tournament against Lawn Tennis Socer Club by a final score of 2-0. Thus, Universitario gets to play in next year's Copa Libertadores (the southamerican soccer club tournament) against the chilean teams. A well deserved Championship for Universitario for everything that the team displayed all along the first half of this tournament, they did not lose a game when playing away and at home they only lost one. The fans (who were spectacular during the 90 minutos) had to wait until the 40TH minute of the first half to let out all the emotion of feeling of the gooool when Jose "El PUMA" Carranza scored. In the second half Universitario knew that they needed at least one goal to assured the game, and in the 9TH minute of the second half "La Foca" Farfan scored to give Universitario the calm that it needed. Happynes transformed in madness and the 45000 U-fans just could not stop cheering for their favorite team. It was incredible...I'd like to congratulate from this corner to the Universitario team that had brought us so much joy, by us I mean those who like me are far away from Peru but not a minute forget about it. GRACIAS LOLO!!!! GRACIAS UNIVERSITARIO!!!!!!!
ole, ole, ole, ole, Chemo!, Chemo!
El Chemo Del Solar, peruvian soccer player, in LA TRINCHERA "U" NORTE during the "clasico" .

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I'd like to thanks the following people for their support in the construction of this page : Giovanni "yo no fui" Zamora., Cesar "Chino" Chavez, Cesar "pelo duro" Cassely, KiKe, La gente de Invasion Ag"U"stinorte, El Club Universitario De Deportes, Libero Newspaper, El Comercio Newspaper for allowing me to use their photos, also to Sandro "mas loco que nunca" Soler , and Jose Fajardo. To all of you a thousand thanx for your help!.

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