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Warning! Do not trade with Patrick Shatzder ( - he will rip you off just as he has done to me and others. Email me at if you'd like details, but I'd advise you to STAY AWAY from him if you don't want to be ripped off. Oct 2002 update: It gets better! Now he's got a virus and his email gets sent out without him even knowing it. Not only should you not trade with him - don't even open his email!!

Welcome to the page. Please read these "rules" before proceeding. Email me at

1. Oct 2002 update: Haven't updated in a while. I'm not really into trading anymore. I just don't have the time and it's not worth the crappy quality shows I end up with. However, there are still some bands that I would be willing to trade for if you have good quality recordings of. So if you have one of the following bands, email me. If not, please don't - your email will be ignored. I do not sell my shows or trade for blanks. Only for the below listed bands.

The Aquabats (2000 or later) -- Darkbuster -- Mr. T Experience -- Dr. Frank -- Nerf Herder
Big D & the Kids Table -- Avoid One Thing -- CIV -- The Zambonis -- The Hippos -- Atom & His Package
Bruce Lee Band -- The Forces of Evil -- They Might Be Giants



March 2, 2001

Manasquan, NJ



Hollywood Palladium

May 1, 1998

Hollywood, CA


Middle East September 26, 2002 Cambridge, MA  


March 20, 1999

Orlando, FL




May 25, 1999

Montreal, CAN



Fireside Bowl

July 10, 1999

Chicago, IL



Euclid Tavern

April 27, 2000

Cleveland, OH




November 15, 2000

Boston, MA


Orpheum Theatre November 14, 2001 Boston, MA  

The Thirstiest Band
In Rock & Roll

June 22, 2000

Chicago, IL


Not As Punk, But Just As Drunk

September 16, 2000/ October 19, 2000

Boston, MA/ Cambridge, MA





Happy Fucking Halloween

October 29, 2000

Boston, MA





Rip 'Em Back!

March 17, 2001

Boston, MA



Kendall Cafe

April 28, 2001

Cambridge, MA



On the Air

11/14/95/ 12/2/95

London, ENG/New York, NY



Destination: Toronto

July 7, 1997

Toronto, CAN



Monkeying Around In Melbourne

February 10, 1998

Melbourne, AUS



Live From Providence

May 13, 1998

Providence, RI



Better Than Metal

October 2, 1999

Glenworth Valley, AUS



KROQ Acoustic Xmas

December 11, 1999

Anaheim, CA



The F Sides: Rare and Live

Various Dates

Various Places


Surfstock '99

July 2, 1999

Ortley Beach, NJ





Abominable Snowbass

July 9, 1999

New York, NY




Caberet Music Hall

July 14, 1999

Montreal, CAN





Garden State Parkway

Various Dates

Various Places



Having A Blast





Harvest Festival

October 7, 1995

Alachua, FL





Live from Uranus

October 1, 1997

Rochester, NY





Live from the Galaxy

November 13, 1998

St. Louis, MO





Live from Flint

July 21, 1998

Flint, MI





Warped Tour '99

July 2, 1999

San Bernardino, CA





Boston Rock City

September 4, 2000

Waltham, MA





Smokers Club

Various Dates

Various Places



Live at the Wireless

November 27, 2000

Sydney, AUS



 Euclid Tavern

  Cleveland, OH

October 16, 1999



Going Forward In Time

 Chapel Hill, NC

 September 11, 2000



Middle East

 Cambridge, MA

 September 14, 2000



Monday Night Freakout!

Lawrence, KS

September 25, 2000


Bottom of the Hill February 17, 2000 San Francisco, CA  


Foil Wrapped Rarities



Naked & Famous February 14, 1996/ September 2, 1995 Mount Rushmore, SD/ Seattle, WA  
  Video Killed the Radio Star March 29, 1996 Stockholm, Sweden  
  Kung-Fu-Fun Various Dates Various Places  
Bumbershoot Festival September 1, 1997 Seattle, WA  
  House of Blues October 14, 1998 Chicago, IL 2CD
  Music Midtown May 5, 1999 Atlanta, GA  
Irving Plaza July 19, 1999 New York, NY  
American Holiday December 6, 1994/ 1994 St. Louis/ New York, NY  
  House of Blues December 15, 1996 New Orleans, LA  
  The Good Life August 18, 1997 Germany/Japan  
  Family Feud July 3, 2000 Pomona, CA  
  Cactus Club July 26, 2000 San Jose, CA  
  Crest Theatre July 28, 2000 Sacramento, CA  
  Irving Plaza August 23, 2000 New York, NY  
  Stone Pony August 24, 2000 Asbury Park, NJ  
  Metro September 3, 2000 Chicago, IL  
  Ariel Theatre February 22, 2001 Houston, TX  
  Underneath the Garage Various Dates Various Places  
Motorized Ice Resurfacing Machines May 5, 2000 New York, NY