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Thank You Notes from Hearts & Paws Adopters

April 3, 1999

Dear Ms. Black,

In late August of 1998, I had contacted you in an effort to find a good home for a stray cat that had been in the neighborhood for about four weeks. He looked healthy if a bit thin, with a relaxed, easy-going personality and love for people, causing me to refer to him as "Lover Boy.

I had been "afraid" to take him in myself because of past experiences with my 11 1/2 year old female cat, Minka, who despite her frail 8 lbs. would turn into a ferocious wildcat just seeing another cat through the window. A previous effort to bring another cat into the house, another female, had failed miserably, forcing me to give her up after keeping her in the safety of her own room for three months. I didn't want to subject another cat to the same vicious treatment, and attacks, or in seclusion in the hope that Minka would adjust to the newcomer.

You had explained to me at the time that bringing a male to a resident female worked out better than another cat of the same sex. You had also offered to have the stray neutered and checked out at a discount before bringing him in the house. I had accepted your kind offer. Lover Boy checked out to be a very healthy cat, weighing in at a scant 10 lbs., with na "incredible appetite," and judged to be about two years old (while I had thought him to be a teenager).

I am very pleased to tell you that our resident cat, Minka, adjusted to the newcomer amazingly well, and fast. Her show of aggression didn't faze Lover Boy at all. He ingored it. There were no fights, just some hissing and loud screams from Minka when Lover Boy in his exuberance came at her too strongly, or wrestled each other, obviously having a grand time. Lover Boy, in a gentle way, makes clear who is boss! Minka seems to enjoy having company and is always near him. I am amazed at how well things worked out, and am very pleased.

Lover Boy is a well-mannered cat. He reminds me of a little boy who is always thinking of something to get into, love to wrestle with Minka - with her now actually instigating it - and does everything with a mischievious gleam in his eyes. He is quite a character! We love him! His gluttony has brought his weight up to 13 lbs. and he is now on a reduced calorie diet. Oh yes, and he is a HOUSECAT!

Enclosed is a picture of Lover Boy - the best picture I have of him from a very recent experiment with a new camera. It doesn't showhis true colors, though, which is gray on gray; from a dark slate gray to silver. There is no white on him at all.

With thanks for all your help,



March 1999

Hello! Just a little note to let you know that Tia and Moonbeam are doing great in their new home. They are very spunky and playful, and getting into everything. They have had the full roam of the house now for awhile. They are getting along great with my adult cat. And you were right, they are all playing with each other now.

I have been taking then to the vet every two weeks for their checkups. They are doing so much better, esp. Moonbeam! My vet says it takes a long time for them to get over an upper respiratory infection, but he says they are progressing wonderfully.

Moonbeam is a mooch. She jumps in your lap whenever you have food and tries to put your food to her face. She is getting very muscular. She body slams Tia like she's a feather. She has gotten into messes with climbing my mom's fig tree and deleting papers from our computer, but she gives us a look that says innocently "What did I do?" Tia is just as funny. She loves to play on our computer. And she is fascinated with our bird. She can stay there and watch it for hours.

Thanks you so much for allowing me to adopt them.


March 1999

Dear Toni and Marie,

It's the little things you do that mean so much, like all the day-to-day nurtering of the cats you make a home for. I thought you might enjoy these pictures of Blossom and Jewel. They have just finished their breakfast and a morning game of pouncing on and wrestling with each other and are settling down for the first of several naps. I am so glad you rescued then with their siblings and that I was able to make a home for two of them, instead of just one. Best wished in your work.