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Hearts & Paws

Updated July 6, 1999

Some cats pictured on this site, as well as others, are available for adoption.
For more information about these and other cats, please call (609) 795-2222.

Judith Delta Dawn
Roseann Taffy Chickie

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To someday purchase a facility that is large and well-equipped, so that NO animal will ever be turned away. Please help us realize this dream!

Hearts & Paws Wish List:

Responsible, Loving People to Adopt Pets
Money for Vet Bills
Clumping Cat Litter
Clorox Clean-Up
Paper Towels
Trash Bags

Hearts & Paws Facts
Since our beginning in October 1996, we have had an extremely successful adoption record. Direct-screened adoptions from our main base now exceed 400! Networking with an owner and referrals account for at least 240 additional adoptions. Remember that 90% of these animals would have faced certain death. Many were scheduled for euthanasia at local shelters, and others were trapped and rescued from starvation in the city of Camden, NJ. In keeping with our belief in helping other shelters, we accepted and placed all remaining cats from Red Lion Wildlife Refuge as they started last Spring's rescue season. We also took on numerous moms and kittens, as well as orphaned kittens, from area shelters. Their special care needs are a hardship for overburdened shelters. Hearts & Paws also provides transportation for Camden City cats to the spay/neuter clinic. Total cats spayed or neutered through Hearts & Paws exceeds 300!

FACT: One unspayed female and her mate, at two litters per year, with three surviving kittens per litter, can result in 12,000 cats in just over five years!


Hearts & Paws' "Screen House" was recently added to give our cats another window on the world. They can safely watch the birds and squirrels, and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature.

Here are just some of the kittens Hearts & Paws has taken in and nursed back to health.
Please take a few moments to read these Thank You notes from delighted Hearts & Paws adopters.
Hearts & Paws has helped many animals get back on their feet (paws), and Zandor is just one example of this.
Here are some graphic examples of the types of animals that can be found right in this area.
The fifth meeting of SHARE will be held on Sunday, June 27 at 2 p.m. SHARE is a coalition of SHelter And REscue groups and individuals, working to help companion animals in South Jersey.

For further information on low cost altering, please contact Friends of Animals representative Carol R. at (609) 663-1836.
To make a donation or subscribe to our newsletter ($5 per year), please send check or money order to:

PO BOX 1484
Voorhees, NJ 08043

Or call (609) 795-2222, or (609) 869-3420, for info. or subscriptions.

This poem is dedicated to our beloved mascot Zorba, who died on December 8, 1997 after battling cancer. It is in his memory that we reprint "The Rainbow Bridge" in the hope and belief that this is how it will be someday. We also offer this poem to comfort those who also have lost a beloved companion:

Thank you very much to all who support us. Many abandoned and abused animals have found sanctuary at Hearts & Paws. Your continuing contributions will help other animals come through our front door, where they will be safe at last. All of our furry residents live underfoot, where they have total medical care (tests, shots, spaying/neutering) and plenty of love!

The page created and maintained by Justin J. Aglialoro.

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Hearts & Paws - How YOU Can Help

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