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There are a lot of ways to describe Baphomet.
Sometimes He has goat beard and antlers, human face, female breast, lion tail and claws, eagle wings and bull elbows and feet.
Between his antlers He wears the Principle of Life and the living spirit of this Principle is GOD. The flame represents the knowledge of the Third (in Kabbala).
It was forbidden to Jewish to embody the divine spirits with human or animal faces, so they only had on their altars Cherubs (Sfinxes with bull body and human, eagle or lion face). These forms don't show completely any of the human or animal form.
These hybrid combinations of immpossible beings ment that it wasn't an image of a living thing, but a character or a representation of a knowledge.
Baphomet is not a God; it is the sign of initiation; it is the great divine tetragram.
It is the dark part of the holy spirit. In the ceremonies of initiation, the chosen one had to kiss the lower parts of Baphomet (here it is assimilated with Devil!!!).
Baphomet is the magic figure of the Absolute.
His hands represent the holy work, showing the esoteric sign both up and down, (the mistery of the adepts). It explains the relation between Good and Evil, by pointing the white halfmoon (up) and the dark one down.
The pentagram signifies the Microcosm, symbol of intelligence.
Baphomet was worshiped by the Templars, as the denial of Christ.
This was their most serious accusation when the order was arrested by decree of Pope Clement V. Their 22nd grand master, Jacques de Molay, was burnt at the stake by order of King Philip IV of France, in 1314.

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