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Notable Quotes

Notable Quotes


"Boulevard East's gorgeous renditions of sophisticated standards will make you believe in romance again."

-Ms. H. Harris



"The show was like a step back in time...each sang as if they were singing to you and you alone. This group is something that shouldn't be missed!"

-Bruce Lindstedt



"Boulevard East is performing those fabulous standards that we don't hear anymore (and that many of us miss). Their arrangements are brilliant and their interpretations beautiful. An evening with Boulevard East is lovely!"

-Mary Alice Foster



"I think the show was one of the best I have seen in many years. I have seen several of your shows and many other shows in other forums.  This show had an energy that was contagious and the audience seemed to have as much fun and enjoyment from the show as the performers obviously had in performing the show.  The music was varied but fit together like the pieces of a puzzle and the intensity and enjoyment grew as one great listening experience led to another throughout the show.  The reaction of the audience after the show was indicative of the great time everyone had. No one wanted to leave and there was a great demand to speak to and express their appreciation when the performers graciously mingled with the audience after the show.  Be sure to keep me on the mailing list as I look forward to another great Boulevard East show in the future.  Thank you for giving 150% to your audience! "

-Mr. Michael Lunga - Morristown, NJ



"They've never sounded better. Boulevard East's new show is a winning mix of tasty harmonies, playful asides and terrific arrangements. A real pleasure---check them out! "

-Ted Baus - Performer



"An absolutely great show for everyone, even if you are hearing the songs for the first time. It's a show that's appealing to all generations."

-Iris Elifoglu



"I sat down to utter amazement as a group called Boulevard East began to fill the room with their "own" brand of standards...and what lovely melodies they were."

-Mr. Mark Kieren



"Eastern Standard Time has a new name, "Boulevard East," and a wonderful new show.  And with the new show and a new venue, Don't Tell Mama, they successfully brought their talent to a new level...taking risks and successfully blending contemporary songs/songwriters with tried and true American Songbook classics. I gotta tell ya, it was exciting to watch...the blend has never been better, the arrangements rock, and Chris, Dana and Beth each shine both in their dynamite solo numbers as well as the close harmonies. Just go to hear the wonderful Arlen arrangement by Michael Holland or the wonderful Jason Robert Brown Duet, or the kickin "Cabaret" vocal harmonies...and how does Chris play and sing "Another Hundred People" at the same time?  He does it justice. Don't miss them when they come back around!!! "

-Julie Reyburn - Performer



"Your harmonies are so close, you sound like you're related!"

-Nancy McGraw, owner, The Triad, NYC



"An excellent show…it was great! It brought back some beautiful old memories for me."

-Ms. Joan Rader of New Egypt



"This is a vocal group with a great future in the entertainment world. They know how to present the old standards in [a] new and refreshing way...I urge you to make a special effort to catch these talented singers and professional entertainers. They are just delightful!!"

-Dr. Thomas Robert Stevens, "Applause! Applause!"



"As the Conference Planning Manager and Special Events Coordinator at Arden House Conference Center, I have found the trio to be a great addition to my list of preferred vendors. The show has been well received & enjoyed by many attendees of our conferences.  They are a highly professional group of entertainers, who come together as one, to provide the best entertainment I have experienced in my 11 years of conference planning."

-Ms. Greer Rowan

Conference Planning Manager, Arden Conference Center, Harriman, NY



"A particularly enjoyable and refreshingly zestful trio of entertainers.  I'm tempted to compare them to Manhattan Transfer...Especially amusing is the way they play off each other, there's some razor-sharp comic timing here...And then there is the music. The Trio's voices compliment each other splendidly and they work off each other like pieces of a precision instrument. "

-John Michael Koroly, "Welcome to the Club"/WRTN-FM & WVOX-AM


"Two Gals and a Guy (he's at the piano) rendering standards in three-part harmony. A light and lyrical dish..."

-David Finkle,

 "Voice Choices"



"I've seen Boulevard East [formerly known as the group Eastern Standard Time] several times and each time I see them, they grow by leaps and bounds. The talent and voices are a given but its the show, performances, arrangements and harmonies that seem to just keep getting better and better. Their new show, ACT II, is a wonderful ride of diverse tunes, trio work and very special moments for each of these three wonderful singers, Chris, Dana and Beth. I have also had the privilege of sharing a stage with them on several occasions and see how audiences respond to will respond to them too. "

-Sue Matsuki - Performer



"A phenomenal show, with incredible harmony and pitch with no missed steps…a blend of voices not found too often "

-Ms. Nancy Bembridge of New Egypt



"I had a great time! The group was entertaining and delightful. I would highly recommend going to see Eastern Standard Time in all the time zones."

-Mr. Jon Eremus



"There was no real theme or special event to mark this Friday night performance...Friday was just music, and some very fine performances. The vocal group 'Eastern Standard Time' was called on to open the show. They delighted the audience with their special three-part harmony renditions of 'Let's Misbehave,' 'Skylark,' and 'Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia.'"

-Stu V. Hamstra, reviewing the Friday, October 1, 1999 session of the Tenth Annual Mabel Mercer Foundation Cabaret Convention




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