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The Stories:


Third Degree Betrayal

Description: Scully/other casefile

Summary: Scully finds strange parallels to her own life in a murder victim


Portraits of Possession

Description: Scully/Mulder UST casefile

Summary: A mysterious death in Scully's neighborhood draws the pair of agenst into a wrath of intrigue.


** Thank You, Missy

Description: Vignette/Angst *Scullycentric*

Summary: The revelations of "Christmas Carol" lead Scully to some memories of her sister, Melissa.


A Dash of Dignity

Description: Scully/other - no romance. An attempt at humor.

Summary: Scully runs into a rather strange old college classmate.


Mascara Drizzle

Description: Scully Angst Vignette.

Summary: After Sein Und Zeit, Scully reflects and remembers.


A Moment's Peace

Description: Scully Angst, Vignette.

Summary:A midnight snack prompts a pregnant Scully to ponder her loss of Mulder.


"You're a writer."


"Anything I'd know?"

"I don't think so."


Mulder & Padgett, "Milagro."



** Story has been published in several fanzines.


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